indian tv channels..

Hi happy to recieve such useful responses...can any body tell how to get indian tv channels in kl?as ill b moving next month wid my family..thx only worthwhile satelitte cable tv. u can check out their packages.

Thx a lottttt...


While coming to KL buy Videocon D2H setup box and activate with required package in India. In KL just buy Astro Dish(receiver) and fix with Videocon D2H setup box. We did the same and its working fine.


astro have all the great indian packages besides local tv channels

Thx a lot!

hey gpms, isnt that illegal?

Hey GPMS world,

Can we do it ourself? Or do we need somebody to fix it?

Please let me know. Will the customs allow to bring a STB from India?

We need to ask the agent who will come and fix Astro receiver. They charge upto RM 300.


You can choose between Astro and Unifi.

In astro you get one hindi channel Zee Varasai quite a few south indian channel.

In Unifi you get four hindi channel UTV Stars/UTV Bindas/UTV Movies/Sony Max.

If you are interested in english channels then astro is better.

Thx for replying all...please suggest some legal way to get hindi channels...cant live without them....

astro do have hindi chanells called Zee channel and Bollywood Channel

Ankita..Installing Videocon dth here is illegal. As per Malaysian telecom rules, they consider it as non standard equipment installing it attracts a fine of upto 100,000RM. but still that does not stop people from doing it and they use videocon under the guise of an astro dish. So i would suggest better to stay away from it. You can use youtube, dailymotion, and watch all the indian shows online. Thats what my wifes gonna do when she come over. As for me, I am happy watching hindi movies on Sony Max. It came along with my Unify internet connection.

Thx cool guy..


Astro is the sole cable services provider in kl n there is one  indian channel called Zee TV


As suggested by you, I have bought active V-D2H set top box with platinum package subsciption from India. I have Astro Beyond HD dish with me.

Please help me do intallation & frequency tuning for me.

Please PM me contact details.


Hi Ankita,

How are you doing?

I know a guy named Raj who can help you get possibly all the Indian channals,all you need to have is a good internet connection, coz he tries to get it tuned in online. You can check with him and for  6 months i think it's about 900rm. It is legal, my friends are already using his services, unfortunately I had already taken TM so it's a contract for 1 yr, will have to wait until then.

If you're interested, I can pm the contact number.

Also d2h is illegal in KL and many condos won't allow you.
Astro is a good option but I'm afraid you have quite a few Indian channels in thr package I guess.

Hope this helps:)

Hi Leena,

Thx for the information. We have recently moved into KL and desperately looking for a possible source for getting Indian channels in legal manner.

Would you please provide me the contact number of the technician whom you are referring to?

Thx leena...pls pm me the no...ill b reaching kl on 10 june.

Better take Unifi connection you will get Sony Max, UTV movies and for songs one more channel I could not remember the channel name.
All these channels are free for one month and later you can subscribe if you wish but charges are applicable around 50RM per month.

with Unifi you will get Handphone set you can call anywhere and unlimitted download with 5MBPS for 149RM per month.

with High speed connectivity you can watch online all indian TV channels through youtube.

Hello Ankita,

Can you please message me your number or give me the guy's number whom I can call for indian tv channels subscription/tuning.


Hello Ankita, Leena,

Can you please PM the number of this guy Raj who connects videocon through internet.



Hi All

We have just moved to KL from Singapore. Looking to meet fellow expat friends...

Hi Leena

Can you please PM the number of the guy who can set up indian channels wife will surely need it..:)

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Hi Leena
I recently shifted to Kuala lumpur from Delhi -India.
I am looking for TV and Internet connection. I read your thread and found very helpful. Can you please share Raj number, so that i can watch indian channels here easily.


hi ma i have a exp in 15 years in news channel u can con me 01118805676 in kl

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you can see my channel it jus web tv coz i find a investor . you just go to youtube and

find (ramp tv) ranjeet singh 01118805676.

I want a legal connection only...i think ill call the unify peopl

Unifi comes with HyppTV.. It got Sony max, UTV movies, UTV stars, Bindaas. First month is free.. After that you will hv to select the package best suited to you. Then they have video on demand service where you can watch nice movies in HD for 10RM.
Best thing i find about HyppTV is that rain or sunshine, its uninterrupted.. unlike DTH systems..

with which sattilite did you use videocon in kl on same setting as astro or setting of dish is changed

gpmsworld :


While coming to KL buy Videocon D2H setup box and activate with required package in India. In KL just buy Astro Dish(receiver) and fix with Videocon D2H setup box. We did the same and its working fine.


Hiya,ankita tell me which satellite disc u gonna use?

Just a general knowledge on Malaysian Telecommunication ACT.
It is a grave offense to install any unauthorized satellite on most country globally due to information security.
Hence as an expat,  you wouldn't want to get yourself into trouble with authority just to watch some channels especially the reason was to come over here and work.

There are many alternatives to watching TV in these modern technology but surely not installing a physical physical satellite dish

Just my 2 cents

We're using Raj TV. Quite good.. I recommend it.

Hi All,

I will be staying here for 6 months approx and i need good internet connection and also tv connection where my wife could see max Indian Hindi Channels like Zee TV,Colors,Movies etc. Please let me know the best possibilities, i stay in Subang Avenue, Subang Jeya.


One small point is many condos do not allow you to put up a satellite dish - some older ones do.

Get Good internet connection and watch them all online..! And you dont need to get stuck to TV timings for watching your fav shows.. Just whenever you get time, watch them online.. very convenient..! :)

Can you send me Raj contact no.

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