Question about changing front and rear suspension

I've ridden this SYM Attilla Victoria scooter for about 4 years now and given the condition of the roads in HCM I've decided to replace the front and rear suspension.

So was wondering if any folks here have had their sym scooter's suspension replaced(or are they fixable?) recently and how much it might cost?


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I have a SYM Shark and a copy of the service manual. I don't know how different the 2 bikes are but looking mine the rear shock is a fairly quick fix, total time maybe an hour. The front shocks though look a little more involved as you need to take everything off the front wheel/fork assembly so maybe a couple hours for that. Can't guess on the price though but from my past dealings with the SYM dealership it will not cost too much.

Just wanted to give an update:

I got both the front and rear suspension changed today. The total for the front(right and left) was 920,000 VND. The price for the rear was 250,000VND. Labor was 80,000 VND.

Total process took about 30 minutes and now the scooter rides like it's new!

This was done in District 7 near Lotte Mart :)

Thanks for the info!

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