English Primay and High Schools in Reunion Island?

We are from South Africa, looking for an English Primary and High School her in Saint Denis.
Please advise if the one you mentioned a la Possession is up running already.

If yes could you please give us more details about it; eg: Contact details

I am a Pastor of a Pentecostal Church newly posted in the Island.
We're also looking of starting an English Service for the benefit of . English people and Students.

Looking forward to read from you

Hello Pierre,

We are also from South Africa and contemplating to relocate to Reunion Island within the next few years. We are looking into moving somewhere along the West coast, however depending on schools for our two young kids (ages: 5 and 6). Have you found out any information on bi-lingual schools (EN/FR)?
If so, please could you share any info?

I am fluent in the following languages: English, Spanish and German. My French is broken, but I will be brushing up soon. We hope to travel to Reunion again soon.

Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!

Best regards,

Hi Nathali
Yes I did found an English School in Saint Denis,  la Possession.
It is called Montessori Private School.
You may send me your email, so thatbi can foward you their detail and other information.
I am also leaving SA on Monday for the Reunion again, I was here for two week for family visit.

Have a blessed weekend

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Hi Pierre
I would aslo be interested in getting Montessori information. Could you maybe give info on the fees for this school?
Thank you FF

Ecole Montessori. Bilingue. De la Possession
Address : 18 Chemin Souprayen- Ravine a Marquet- 97419 La Possession
Email : privschoolkindergarten[at]gmail.com
Tel: 0692028841

The annual fee is €6490
Taking children up to 12 yrs.
In 2017 they will start with the high school

Thank you very much for the information.
Have a great weekend :-)

Hello Pierrefrancis,

Thank you for this precious info. If you could contribute by recommending the school you mentioned in the Private schools in Reunion Island section of the business directory so that other members can easily look it up, it will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Bhavna,
I am not a staff or an agent of this school,  I just a parent who was looking to enroll my children in a English system,  as we are coming from SA.
However I did asked them to advertise it on many platforms,  because even many local citizen are not aware of such school in the Reunion.

Bless you
Pst. Pierre

I've looked into the Montessori school but they can't accommodate my daughter for next year. She will be 12 years.
She understands and read a very small amount of French.
My only option at this stage would be to homeschool and with extra French lessons. Then she could start French school in Aug/Sept 2016.
Ideally I would like her to start school when we arrive: any imput or advice would be appreciated. Maybe advising on which French schools are used to non French speaking students.
Thank you

IMO no local schools are used to non-French speaking students.

Hi Sonia,
I may be leaving to reunion this year. We are also speaking three languages at home constantly (dutch, french, english). I was wondering where you are living in reunion and what school(s) you have found for your kids that incorporate english. Thanx! Nicole

How there:is there a possibility teaching English to the citizens of Reunion as a second language as I have a Tefl qualification?

hi, do you have the contact details or the name of this school?

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