Can someone help me to find a job in Norway?

For a long time looking for a job in Norway but without any results. Have almost finished international relastioships bachelor degree.. But Iam looking for anykind type of job in Norway ,in fish industrie/facotry ,as a builder or someone else on constructions or anykind else.. maybe someone  could give a tip where to look for job or where can I write a letter to Employer?? - is useless . HAve surfed and sent many CV's to fish factorys that found on internet  sites and no response / luck. Only one man answered that dont have any positions for now. What is minimum wage or hour rate for constructions and fish factory workers. From 143 NOK ? What tax rate would it have - about 28% for first year?? How much does cost to rent 1 bedroom flat?? (don't need any luxury. only bed, tv and maybe medium internet connection) By the way is the internet service  very expensive??
Would appreciate answers
With best regards

Hi Torm!

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the Norway jobs section.
It might help!



As we have written in other topics, finding a job in Norway from abroad if you do not speak Norwegian and / or hold a very specialized qualification, which is sought after here is not easy. Why would a construction company or a fishery hire you rather than the ones that are already in Norway?

There is no minimum wage in Norway, but you can expect around 100-140 NOK per hour for the jobs you described, the tax rte will be based on your annual revenues and will be around what you mention.

rent cost varies a lot if you live in Oslo or in another city, it can range from 2500 to 5000 for a shared room. Internet is around 300 NOK per month but often included in the rent.

Good luck!

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