looking for english speaker people in The Hague

I'm living in The Hague and I want to meet english speaker people to hang out, drink something and improve my english.

Thanks ;)

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Hey! :) I live in The Hague but I'm currently in Egypt for holiday. I'll be back in holland this week, so perhaps we can go out for cocktails or something in the weekend, if you like? Send me a message here :)

Take care.


I am living in The Hague.
I am also looking for friends

Hey Joha;
In the Hague since November and native English :)
Happy to hang out and introduce you to some other English folks.


heeey. :) my name is Alena. I am from Ukraine and live in Rotterdam. But i would like to go out in Hague. I love club Millers, the problem is that i do not have friends here, not yet. So if you would like to go out, we can go together and improve your english meanwhile. :)

Hello Girl!
of course, you're welcome to the hague and we can go together to Millers, it's a nice club.
just let me know when you want to come.

;) see you soon

Great! :) i would like to go..I would like to go...hm..TOMORROW.:)))))))))))) How to find you on Facebook? :)




could you text me on the number i gave oyu? ill give you my e-mail and ill tell you about hte the hague events list. im out of the free messages on my internations and im not an albatros member!

ciao bart

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