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Hi Mad Max, i intend to come to Cambodia in dec and stay for a year with the possibility of remaining permanent. Silk seems a great place, what about accomadation, i will be alone, but fancy something with maybe a garden or verandah, i,m in your age bracket but very active, so i would be gratefull for any info regarding accomadation, or prefer if you could reccomend somewhere, many thanks Dave, from UK.

Hi Dave,

welcome to! :)

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Hi, I am moving to Siem Reap in December.   Does anyone know of a local ex-pat hangout there?

Dave - I didn't see your question to me until today. Your best bet in Snooky is to get here, take a guest house for 1 month and look around. The Rainbow GH is good, I just went there to check prices for another arrival, monthly rates are $100 for a room with A/C, hot water, cable TV, Wi-Fi. Less without A/C, but may be too hot and sticky for comfort.
I think you may not be alone too long, either. Ex-pats are in high demand here. Stay away from the bar girls/taxi girls, and look for a regular woman. It won't be hard. You could check with real estate offices, but most houses and apartments are not rented through them. Khmers just put a sign on the unit, in Khmei, with a phone number. Let the woman do the negotiation! There are tons of places out there, but this is the start of busy season, and the rents may be higher. You can get lower rentals if you agree to a long-term contract. My unit started at $300 a month, but went DOWN to $270 after 1 year. Take your time and don't get a place too big - costs more and takes more to keep clean. Once the neighbors find out you are Single, you will get lots of ladies looking!

Mad Max, thanx for your advice about the rental houses and the ladies.   I will keep this in mind, and make notes.

Good luck fella.

Stafford,   OLD SARGE

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