5 good reasons for living in French Guiana


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in French Guiana, what would be your top 5?

Thanks in advance for participating,


1. Passionfruit juice and local chocolate (though latter is hard to find and unsweetened)
2. Gorgeous nature, for the parts you can access
3. Amusing stories to tell later
4. Suriname is next door
5. Extreme fondness for filling out bureaucratic French forms


Hello Deborah,

thanks for sharing :)

Please do not hesitate to talk more about your experience on the French Guiana forum.



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Ciao Francesca!

Sembri come un globetrotter esperta..? Io no.

Me and my wife longing for moving... have considered Italia, Spain and Greece. Wich are beautiful.

Italia is our favorite.
But we stumbled on to this site today. South america came up as an alternative.

We are very curious about your life in Maritius. We are just ordinary academics in social scienses and such topics.

Is it a problem to find job, or to become a member in a project?
Do you have any idea about us moving with our kids (ragazzo 5 e ragazza 3 anni)

We have so many q:s for you. :)

Looking forward to your answer (L'Italia è un'opzione per noi!)

Johan Pettersson con famiglia
sull'isola di Gotland