Requirements to retire and invest in French Guiana and cost of living

My name is Francois, Canadian living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
I am planing to retire soon and would like to know more about rhe requirements to retire and invest in French Guiana and the cost of life: i.e. the cost of buying an appartment of 2 brms 2baths, in brief how much can a couple live on montly and confortably, by paying rent first before deciding to own if satisfied.
Thank you

Hi Francois,

I have created a new thread with your post on the French Guiana forum for more visibility and interaction with the members.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi François,

I advise you to post your questions on the French version of the forum (you can switch to French in the upper right corner of the webpage).

i can't answer you regarding the cost of living because our situations are very different and not comparable. About real estate your check rent and sales on the website "le bon coin", there are many offers and it'll give you an idea of average prices.

Good luck

Je vous remercie tres infiniment, Priscilla.