Looking for friends!!!

Hi all! My name is Mira, I just arrived in Amsterdam from Ukraine! looking for friends from Amsterdam and other cities in The Netherlands))))

Hi Mira,

welcome to Expat.com! :)

Maybe you could tell us more about you. Do not hesitate to share your experience on the forum.

Thank you,
All the best,

hello Mira!! I've just arrived also to haarlem and I'm looking for friends! I'm here as an au pair so I'll be here for a year!If you would like to meet in haarlem or Amsterdam I'll be for that!I hope your response!!


we have a little group of spanish people in Haarlem (there is also an au pair), if you want to join us anytime let me know. this is my personal email:


Hai..Mira, I live near by haarlem and I am study in Amsterdam..would you like to tells about your more? maybe we could meet somewhere.

Have a nice days

Hello Mira,
Living in Hoofddorp. If you like to have contact just mail.
To just hang out, talk, eat or drink.

HI Mira, I am Anita from Czech rep. Wane meet for coffee ?

Is it here somebody from Haarlem? Lets meet for coffee. Anita

I am from Haarlem area. When do want to meet?

Not interested to meet men! We all know where that's goes.I wane meet girl as friend.

well..I live near bij Haarlem, I would like to drink a cup of coffee wth you :)

Hola ivan, yo tambien soy espanola y en haarlem recien llegada, este forum me ha traido mucha suerte conociendo a gente en nuestro ultimo destino, hay luchos espanoles en haarlem?  Igual soy un poco vieja para vosotros pero me encantaria conoceros
Saludos blanca

Hello blozano -> Could you please write in english on this English speaking forum so that everybody can understand? :)

Thank you,

hallo my name yuli and I live in haarlem,
I am looking for a friend here

Hello mate

Just checking how you are getting on? Have you found a good netwrok of people now...It can be hard but give it time.

I am English and in the beginning also found it hard but it does get better!!

Hope all is well, look after yourself and enjoy Holland