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nail_afandi :

Hi im master student in rome
i left rome in 15 june , and my permesso expired in 22 September and i bought my return ticket for 20 september. Is this a problem ?

As its just 2 days I would not think so, but you would have to ask the authorities.

Dear sir,
I have two years permisso di soggiorno, I want to stay in Pakistan one years, is it possible for me to stay in Pakistan one years ?


I'm currently a student in Italy. My residence permit will end in couple of days normally i would be applying to the new residence permit but there are couple problems on the school part so i have to wait maybe 1 extra week over my expiry date. Is there a grace period after the end of my residence permit so that i can stay without a problem until my new application for the new permit? Thanks much

Hi everyone,

My permesso di soggiorno expires tomorrow and i am waiting for a new contract from my employer still that i should receive in the next few days. Can i apply for the renewal after it expires?

Not much that you can do otherwise...  ;)

Hello guys,
Could anybody help me with this.......I posted my pds kit for renew, and I was given thumbprinting date at the post office, I arrived at the questura on the date that was give to me but my kit was not found. It's been 2months now still my kit is nowhere to be found. Please I need help.

jackster :

elchapo, the Questura will work with people if their permesso has been expired for a few weeks, but not for over a year.  I know that a friend of mine was in the same situation (her permesso had been expired for 14 months) and her attorney in Italy told her NOT to try to renew because it was likely that the Questura would immediately expel her from Italy and prohibit her from returning for at least three years.  She had to return to her home country and start all over again with the visa process so as not to have the expulsion from Italy on her "record," or to be prohibited from re-entry into Italy (or the Schengen zone) for three years.  As problems with immigration all over Europe have become more of an issue, neither Italy nor any other Schengen country, are being lenient.  Rather, they are becoming much stricter.

Hey Jackster, do you believe there would be a problem flying home? (permesso expired 4 months ago) would i have any trouble in the airport? how did your friend handle the going home...

Flying home would be OK,  but not coming back .

Hi Dear Sir,
I am fine and hopefully its all good at your side. I am an international student in University of Florence. I can deliver my problem in a description to you. I am from Pakistan and landed in Italy about a few months back on 24.10.2018 and I have visited  my University for enrollment on 25.10.2018 but because of having no accommodation my University admission department "International desk" neglected to enroll me without accommodation and I was suggested to accommodate myself first and can come later for Enrollment and because of no arrangement of accommodation in Italy I directly headed to Germany to live here with  my Brother and sister those who are studying here in Germany. I was always trying to find accommodation from previous 4 months and remained unsuccessful and it really stressed me a lot. Now finally 2 days back I stayed successful in finding the accommodation and tried to enroll myself in University so I can come back to Italy and start with my studies. In between doing this whole I heard from few of my friends and then googled it that it was very compulsory to apply for a Residency Permit myself at Poste Italian within 8 working days after arrival in Italy as a Non-EU citizen and I missed registering myself.
I am really sorry for this whole of mistake and my intentions were never really to do this but I was completely unknown. I have still my Italian Visa valid until 11.10.2019.
Now I wanted to know that does this problem have any solution? I mean to say is that if I come to Italy and pay for accommodation and all and then got expelled from the Italian Police to Pakistan and like this way I will really get a lot of money wasted. And if there is no solution then I can go from here directly back to Pakistan and can save my money by coming to Italy and get expelled. Would be really kind of you If you may please find a positive and helpful solution for me. I shall be very thankful to you. Thanks

Regards: Safdar Hussain Soomro


I have been in Italy for nearly 3 years on a student visa. I applied for my renewal before the expiration date of my permesso di soggiorno but my 90 day visa waiver from the USA has already passed.

If for some reason, the questura denies my renewal, how long do I have before I must leave the country?

I would like to prepare emptying my apartment ecc if the law says I must leave the country immediately and return home.


What if, I want to stay 2 more weeks after the expiration of my permesso di soggorno without applying for renewal. is it legal?

thank you very much for help.

Hi Jackster,

In 2016 you wrote:  " the Questura will work with people if their permesso has been expired for a few weeks, but not for over a year. "

On Sept. 27 (2019) I am returning to Roma for a second year of study (master degree, la Sapienza di Roma). I have been in Canada since June 28 - I came here to work for the summer in order to ensure I am able to provide the required means of subsistance.

My permesso expires on the 24th of september. I have contacted the consular offices here (Montreal) and home (Vancouver) in order to renew my visa for a year, as my permesso expires before I return. Montreal told me this was Vancouver's Jurisdiction.

Vancouver told me that they do not reissue visas, and that i should apply for permesso in Italy. Here are their exact words:   " Be kindly advice that the visa cannot be renewed. We suppose that, according to the rules, you have applied for the "Permesso di Soggiorno" (Permit of Stay/residency permit) just arrived in Italy. So if you did not already ask for the renew of the "Permesso di Soggiorno", please contact the relevant "Questura" (Police Headquarters ), as permits of stay are not managed by us. "

I will contact the Questura by email before I return to Rome, but I have no idea why I would not be able to get a second visa (a re-issuance) from the consulate in Vanocuver. I will inquire with them tomorrow (today is a statutory holiday in Canada).

My questions are:
- Can I successfully renew the permesso as soon as I arrive in rome (28 e sabato, ma lunedi presto?)
- Will there be problems, given that my visa expires oct 10?
- What is your educated advice as to how likely this is going to unfold? Is there a chance of a positive outcome, and how can I facilitate that?

Thank you kindly.

ciao , i have a question ,i am an Asylum seeker in Italy and i am still in process , my case is already in tribunal and my next hearing date is 28.11.2019. my Permesso di soggiorno expired more than a year ago . 5 month before i went to my related questura for renewal of my Permesso di soggiorno and give me appointment for next 6 month , my father died i had to come to Pakistan , now i have more than a year old expired Permesso di soggiorno . now i desperately wanted to go back to Italy , please suggest how is it really a possible for me to go back to Italy , i will really appreciate your details answer .
thanks you very much

Hello. Im in Canada and my mom is in Italy. She is planning to visit me for 3-4months duration starting on July 2020 as I am giving birth on that month. However, her permesso di soggiorno wil expire on September 2020. I understand that she cannot renew her documents right now as its not on the 90 days period within the expiration date, yet my question is -- If she visits here can she come back in Italy with expired Permesso di Soggiorno with just renewal documents? Moreover, what are the other necessary documents for her to come back in Italy? Thank you very much.


Thanks very much and I will appreciate greatly your answers.

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