Any Indian Expats Living in Curitiba


I am planning to move to curitiba in the early part of next year.Just want to know how is the life style and also need to know do we get indian groceries available.

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Both my wife and I will be in Curitiba next month. I am currently working and residing in UK and I am a Malaysian citizen. We were there for 3 weeks and we did not see any Indian grocery stores in Curitiba and I think there isn't any. There are a lots of shopping malls though.
We have decided to ship all our indian spices to Curitiba from UK as we will be there for next 2 years. If there is any other information we will be delighted to let you know.

From Aberdeen, UK.

HI Dear ,

R u in Curitiba now ? Myself Arun Kumar planning to be in Curitiba by Sep 13.

It will be good to touch base with you and know  your experience.



hello arunshweta

I will go Curitiba in July 2013 write me at [email protected]

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Hi dear,

Here in Curitiba there's a few indians restaurants, but it's kind of hard to find indian food at the grocery store. Maybe you can find at the Municipal Market.

Can you try in the municipal market and acknowledged me for Indian grocery store.

Hi Friends,
I just came before 1 week to Curitiba felling lonely as this is my first weekend, what you people do in weekend? I had been to Indian Restaurant but want to meet Indian Friends .. will be waiting for some good replies

hi there are you in curitiba ...

hello friend are you in Curitiba right now

Hello Dear

Myself Ram Jiwari and I am living in Curitiba. What are you doing in Curitiba?
What is your email Id?
You can write me on [email protected]
or search me on facebook?


Are you in Curitiba now ? I am planning to move soon from India ....if you are already there, can you please share your experience

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In few months i would be in Curitiba.

Is anybody current Indians right now living in curtibia? I am also soon moving to Curitiba from India. Kindly share your contact details or drop me a mail at ***

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I am planning to start my living in the Curitiba due to my Job location...can anyone help me to places where Indians Prefer to stay and get Indian Basic need n grocery Markets ...more for Indian Interest... Thanks

Do not know about the neighborhood, but great food at Ambe Comida Indiana in Curitiba. Owners may be able to help. … e3668110f0

I much doubt of seeing Indians in Curitiba.  But again, what do I know about Curitiba ?   Occasionally I spot them in Sao Paulo. Some actually have property ownership.

Curitiba, for one , has cold and blustery winters.  So does Canada, and the northern half of the USA I concurr, but then, Indians who migrate to North America have a more compelling reason to stand the drastic change of climate.

Curitiba is all about Polish, Ukranians, Japanese, Italians.   It's a neat city, with a decent urban outlook you won't find in Sao Paulo.

Curitiba is all about walls, people retreat behind their gates. 

it's a great city, but it is a huge change of pace for folks from India.   So my educated guess, you won't find an  Indian enclave in Curitiba. 

Not many folks from Punjab or Gujarat either anywhere in the country.   

Now, if you traiblaze and can convince a large of contingent of Indians  to move to these shores, you are more than welcomed to do so.  Indian folk have a work ethic and enterpreneurship I would love to see on this side of the Globe. 

I've seen videos of poor Indian folk working makeshift factory floors, that you would not see Brazilians do.  That and what Patels have done with the US Hospitality Industry is nothing short of remarkable.