Best website to find an appartment.

Hello, I am planning to move to shanghai, and I am looking for the best websites to find an appartement in Shanghai. I am looking for a  more or less 100 SQM, preferably in the FCC district.

Thank you for your help.

Hello Ivoryne.

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The Housing in Shanghai section might help. You can post an advert there.

You can read this article on Accommodation in China.

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Yes thanks, but this page doesn't have the filters that I am looking for. So if if anyone knows a good real estate agency that has a website with usefull features, that would be great.


this page doesn't have the filters that I am looking for

That is a very interesting point, as we are improving our system every day.

Could you please let me know which filters would be of interest to you ?



well, nothing cruezy, things like size, location and district, price range, furnished or not...hope this will help.

yes it will help. We'll release the filter features in a few weeks but we have to concentrate on a couple of other things first

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