Singaporean lady seeking a female flat-mate in Pudong

Hi there, I'm a Singaporean who's just relocated to Shanghai.
I'm looking for a female flat-mate to share my 2-room nicely-furnished apartment, someone to talk/eat/share some fun with!

I work in a pharma company, and stay in the Tangqiao area in Pudong. Public transport, amenities and food are really convenient and affordable. It's only 10 min ride from Lujiazui, and 1/2 hour from People's Square in Puxi. Nearest metro station is a 3min walk, at Shanghai Children's Medical Center (Line 6).

My flat-mate shall have a fully-furnished bedroom and bathroom to herself, and can share the living room, dining room and kitchen with me. Oh yes, there's a karaoke system (English/Mandarin DVDs available) if you love singing! 

Drop me a message if you wish to find out more. :)

Hi Jo_SG2011,

You should check the Shanghai classifieds > flat share, house share section as well. You may also put an advert there. ;)

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your suggestion! I've also posted an ad on classifieds few days back but no news yet. Let me check again!

How did you find it living in Tangqiao? I'm thinking of living there but it seems pretty quiet [I will live by line 4] Any suggestions would be really appreciated, Thank you [it's always nice to get advice from those in the know! :)

Hi sojuhippy,

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Hello sojuhippy,

I realize my last msg didnt get sent thru.
Tangqiao is a good location with easy access to amenities: shopping mall, supermarket, food etc. there are also indoor/outdoor pools in some compounds. I've been living here for 2 years and its convenient for me to get to the workplace.
It is quiet though, where I live, but depends what lifestyle you like.
What I find difficult is the lack of friends staying in this area- so I can hang out with for breakfast etc on a weekend, wish I was more enthu to make more friends close by :0
I'm moving to puxi end of this year to experience a different flavor of shanghai life :)

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