Soon moving to NZ looking for a very nice place by the beach to rent

Hello everyone,
I am looking to take a new job in the Medical field in NZ and I am looking for a nice place to rent, a house or condo by the beach. Any good suggestion for a nice neighborhood
Thanks for your help

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You could post an ad in the Housing in Auckland section. It might help you.

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Christine thanks for the reply. songrl

Hello everyone

I looking for names of nice neighborhoods by the beach to live in Auckland


We live in St Heliers, and the bays along from us into the city (Mission Bay, Kohi etc) are all great places to live, and a max of 12km from the centre. 

Depending on where you are going to work, and also on your budget, will influence where you choose.  There are so many beaches around Auckland, that you are never far from a good one.

If you work on North Shore, then Takapuna is great.  Lots of restaurants, and it's nick named the Bondi of Auckland.  Milford is quieter, and the bays up from there are all good beaches, but further out from the city.

The above post is good and talks about all the best areas that are close to the coast and beaches. You really need to know your work location as roads in New Zealand can get quite congested at times. So consider this when thinking about where you want to live. Other than that, those locations mentioned are all lovely neighbourhoods.