Cheaper accommodation in Auckland

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I want to know which area would be good and cheaper for accommodation in Auckland for a couple. I have visited website but still not sure for exact prices as these r not furnished rooms.

My another Question is in the weekly rent all utilities are included like electricity and water or we need to pay for that too?

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Try to find your acc. in Suburbs like Henderson, Messey Ranui
or in South Auckland.. These areas are quite cheaper but a bit far from city.

Regarding Bills there is no hard and fast rule for that and depends but most of the time if you are owing a separate home then NO

Thanks Gourav for your reply. :)

Check out the real estate section on

As far as cheaper areas, it depends.  Obviously, if you can be closer to public transport or within walking distance of where you work/shop, that will make it more economical.  My advice is to figure out where you'll likely be working (if you can) and then search close to those areas.  But definitely check out Trade Me for real estate options.  They will usually say whether or not utilities are included.

That`s a tricky one. You can get a cheap flat outside the city but the bus/train cost will elevate your life cost. Also most of the easy-to-get-jobs are in the city, so you will move a lot.

Cheapest options in the city are: oceanic hostel (79 anzac Ave) and old train station (next to vector arena)
In Oceanic you can get a room for yourself for 130 nzd a week. Bathroom and Kitchen shared.

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