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Dear All
I am an Indian..
Would appreciate if you could guide me since i have got an Job offer from a company in Hamburg with a salary of 3500 euros p.m gross for an IT implementation post.
we are a family of 3 me,wife and infant kid . is this enough salary for a family of 3 to stay in hamburg.
Rent,other expenses.....
appreciate your kind help regarding the same sicne i am not aware of the tax structure much and its benefits.


Hi ,
I would assume 3500 is ur Net Take home salary . The tax for your case will be much low and you would get a lot of benefits for your kid. Normally Indian companies pay in two ways 1. Take care of your accomdation expenses and all other expenses , pay only take home . In this case i would say 3.5k is sufficient .2 Pay complete salary and you have to pay the tax and housing , in this case 3.5 k is a little close .

in your case you need atleast 65 quad mt house , if it is in the city center , you will have to shell out between 800 to 1000 euro for a furnished appartment , unfurnished would cost you 700 to 800 euro but be prepared to buy furnitures and this is a pain if you dont have long term plan.

For ur transportation , recreation , internet would cost you 150 - 200 euro .

Imp to note u would call India , so keep away 100 euro for telephone

Food , baby food , baby care ,expense for ur self and spouse would come upto 500 euro

In total u need atlease 1600 to 1800 for a normal life , the second case which i mentioned above is really not suitable

All the best!

€3500 gross is quite low for an IT implementation job.
You would get around €2200 take-home payout (the rest is social security and taxes).
This is enough to live as a family in a rented appartment, as mask30 shows above, but a yearly trip back to India, or financial support for your parents back home (you will only be able to afford one or the other), will eat up all your savings.

Hello Hari. I think it is a very reasonable salary, you can live well here in Hamburg.
maybe in one year they will increase your salary because it is not so good for your position but it is ok.
If you have to find an apartment I will recommend you a relocation company because in your situation you can live in a hotel until you find something.Do you?

We moved here with relocation live Germany - and it was perfect.

Anyway good luck here, and welcome :)

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