Dog sitters in HCMC / Saigon recommended?

Hi Everyone

I am wondering if any expat dog lovers know of recommended dog sitter services in HCMC (dog sitters who keep the dogs comfortable in their home)?

We have explored all avenues for boarding kennels and there are a few options, but since our dog is due to migrate to Singapore soon we are worried about the possibility of getting an illness with so many dogs being around, and if he gets ill this will ruin his travel plan.. I also have never tied/caged a dog in my life and don't like the thought of him in a kennel !! :(

I have posted an add up on this website (it is awaiting clearance) in the jobs classifieds, but if anyone can recommend a person they have used or have heard good reviews of then I would like to hear from you! He will need to be cared for from June 28 - July 14, at which time we will fly him to SNG.

Many thanks in advance,

Laura and Peppy.

Pets iin TP HCM and Ha Noi both seem to have VNese heroes in the form of vets who care.

Dr. Nghia (speaks English)
33-Duong 41, P. Thao Dien
Quan 2, TP HCM 
Tel: 0835194182

The Stepford Wives group in Phu My Hng all seen to support this guy. Having nothing to do all day, they have Doggy Date Days where the animals can all poop together, have even sent people out to the good doctors and report that his staff exercise the mutts several times a day.

Another place is the Animal Hospital, near the Quan 7 Lotte Mart, but the Stepford Wives are still checking it out.

The latest concern the Wives have is the high incidence of animal snatchng out there, even from owners who have their dogs on leashes.

Don't forget ARC - Animal Rescue Centre - always has dogs for adoption and they can arrange castrations, too.

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