Driving license in Zambia

Hi all,

Can a foreigner take the driving test in Zambia?

What are the formalities to get a driver's licence in Zambia?

Do you need special or extra documents being an expatriate?

How much does it cost?

Thank you for participating ;).


Hi Armand,
As a car salesman, exporter and being part zambian myself, its essential that i have a driving licence for when im over there.

When i applied for my provisional licence, they simply asked for my passport (i gave them my british passport) and that was it. The fee i paid was 70,000 ZMK.
The practical test cost me 80,000 ZMK and i was given the old style booklet licence (they do cards now).

All foreigners are allowed to drive in zambia for upto 90 days on their licence.

Thank you for your input Dave! :)



I am currently staying in Lusaka and looking into getting a driving licence myself. Can you perhaps recommend a good driving school?


My car is currently registered and insured in south Africa, but my insurance company needs to verify my Zambian drivers licence, it looks like they are struggling with who/which department to contact and so things are going very slow. Would anyone advise the appropriate department or person that they should contact, just to verify the legitimacy of my  licence? I know that our system is now electronic and should be able to easily retrieve and verify my details.

Any please help. Thankyou.

Bevis, you should have checked Road Transport and Safety Agency. Google has its cite.