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Hi all,

I'll obtain my work permit in some days and already wonder about resident card !
if may be someone could help ...I'm looking for info about papers to give,the place to go and the time it takes.

Thanks in advance for your kind advices

Hi Coyotebis,
There are some tips for you to do temporary resident card in Vietnam:
1. 02 application forms for permanent residence (Form N7, attached with 04 passport photos 3 cm x 4cm).
2. 02 curriculum vitae statements of the applicant (Form N10)
3. 02 judicial record copies approved by competent public authority of the country where such person is a citizen or of the country where such person permanently resides.
4. Diplomatic note of competent public authority of the country where such person is a citizen requesting for approval of such person’s permanent residence in Vietnam (Attached with a transfer note of Vietnamese diplomatic agency).
5. 02 copies of passport.
6. 02 copies of visa or temporary alien card valid at the time of submitting documents, 02 copies of immigration declaration.
7. 02 copies of documents to prove being wife, husband, child, father, mother of Vietnamese citizen permanently residing in Vietnam.
8. 02 guarantee letters for foreigners temporarily residing in Vietnam (Form N9) confirmed by People’s Committee of ward, commune, attached with 02 copies of Identity card, family record of the guarantor. The guarantor and the guarantee must show documents to prove having legal houses or legal financial sources to ensure having house and life for the guarantee.
Time to process: 5 working days.
place to submission: 161 Nguyễn Du str. , Bến Thành Ward, 1 Dist TpHCM.

If you need further info, don't hesitate to drop me message at thu.tran[at]

Hi Coyotebis, who is sorting out your work permit? Usually your employer will sort out the work permit first and then apply for your residence card.

laidbackfreak :

Hi Coyotebis, who is sorting out your work permit? Usually your employer will sort out the work permit first and then apply for your residence card.

Exactly, it's a couple of papers, which almost can't be done alone

my company already applied for the work permit and have it in some days with the paper they will apply for resident card
i only want to know which papers they need!

Coyotebis, understand you want to get everything done as quickly as possible and get street legal here in Vietnam. However, if your company has did all your other paperwork in a timely manner it might just better for you to wait and let them tell you what documents they need.

+1 for Budman1 wise words :)
chances are the company will ensure your paperwork is correct and on the right forms. They should ask you for anything you need.
If you go off and start to fill\collect forms on your own more than likely will get the wrong ones. Let your company sort it for you.
I can say you will need a couple of passport photos :)

[at]tathu_87 your going to scare the hell out of anybody reading your post and thinking those are the docs required for a temp card. I believe what you cut and pasted was information on a permanent card.

[at]coyotebis, besides the photo's that LBF mentioned you might want to start thinking about the police check if you haven't been here very long.

Budman1 :

the police check if you haven't been here very long.

Is that not needed for the work permit? I cannot recall, actually more like I don't know, I've always let my company deal with it and just follow their instructions as required :)

Good point LBF, I think your right.

Hi gang,

Budman1 is the only one that needs a "police check."  The rest of us don't.  :proud

Actually, Coyotebis, these guys are right on top of this: you should let your company take care of all your documentations for you.  Don't just run off and get such things done on your own.

Most of the companies here, once they get into the hiring of foreigners, they must have had some contacts that will take care of all the ensuing administrative tasks.  They get into more troubles for you being illegal than you yourself get in.  So, don't sweat it for the time being.  Only go out on your own when they begin to ask for too much money or take too long.

BTW, what you will get is a Temporary Resident Card, not that regular one.  Be specific about it.  Otherwise, the people who go out and get it done for you might get confused.  The TRC comes after your work contract has been executed and your Work Permit is issued.

Best wishes,

Once you have the work permit, getting the temporary resident card is easy, and can be done by any "agents" around town who also get Vietnam visas for their customers. As others here have said, let your employer sort out everything for the work permit, and once you have that in-hand, you are set for getting the resident card. I have a guy who does mine who is well-known and very reliable. Send me a private message if you want his info.


The 8 years that you spent here, was in continuous?  And where is your wife's city of residence?

Phatman is the best.

When I got mine I had to show my arrival/departure card.  That turned into a headache, but it got done eventually.  I've heard that they've stopped requiring one now.

I've also been told that 5 year temp. residency cards are available now, as well.  The only problem is that whomever the school, or company that is employing you is your sponsor.  No job = 30 days to get it sorted out, eg a new job, or visa.


Do you have records of your stays, like a little log book that your ward police sign before you can extend your visa?  How long ago was the last time that you left Vietnam?  Was your daughter born in Vietnam?  Finally, do you extend your visas right in Ben Tre, or do you have to go else where?


The reason I asked you all those questions was because Vietnam require that you must reside in the country for an X amount of time, my case was at least 1 continuos year, before they would grant you Vietnamese Permanent Residence.  But, in your case, they might require a longer period. 

The border runs will not cut it because that is generally less than 1 year.  So, the way things look and sound right now, you might want to get onto a steady job and obtain the Temporary Residence Card first.  That will allow you to remain here longer, thus enable you to meet the time requirement for Permanent Residence.

I am getting ready to head to Saigon now.  But, when I get back, I will look up on the exact amount of time that you will need to be in Vietnam to qualify for Permanent Residence.

But, in the mean time, look up a little on the Temporary one.


I just looked that up.  It is 5 years; and there are a lot of paperworks involved.  Therefore, if that is a goal of yours, I highly suggest that you get a steady job or start your own little business here, obtain a Temporary Resident Card, and start documenting your time here with the appropriate authorities.

That border run thing is a way that foreigners skirt Vietnam's visitor legislations.  It is quite known to Vietnamese immigration authorities.  Therefore, by looking at your passport stamps they will automatically know and will scrutinize your time of stay accordingly:  a one-day lapse will get you disqualified.

I hope this will clear some of your thinkings a little.

If he is married to a Vietnamese wife, there should be only 2 option, residence card- commonly connected to work permit, together quite pricey and a lot of paper work is well. The other option is the visa exemption, which normally from the embassy in the home country is processed.

However, this is Vietnam, they are also here available, but commonly more expansive, in Germany - cost is about 60 USD (other countries might be different) + every 3 month a stamp fee at the local police station about 180 000 vnd. The second option seems to be most common, as this also permits some work (not sure, where the borders are drawn on that). At least, it's good for a family business.

The other options, visa rnn ..., seems to get less and less interesting due to inconsistent length and kind of visa.

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