Considering Cambodia PLEASE HELP

Hello, my name is Justin. I am wanting to move abroad and was seriously considering Cambodia. I have never been outside of the U.S. accept for Canada. I want to move because my mother has recently passed away and i want to experience something nee and to start a new life abroad. I also would like to become a photographer in memory of the dream she never fulfilled. I have look at many different countries and i think Cambodia is the one where i want to begin my new life. My passport should be coming in soon and i have the resources to move there. I am or will be ready to fly over there as early as next month. I would like to meet people who already live there and would like to know the process of makeing all of this happen as soon as possible. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to Justin!;)


hi justin. welcome N let us know how we could be of any help

all the best

Well what do i need to rent a place?

money .that's abt it .. u gotto look for a place you like and rent it .prices may vary around 200- 300 for a 1 room apartment, add montly expenses/electricity , water , cable internet , plus deposit usually 2 months in advance

Thank you. And if i can get a business visa when i arrive i can just renew that right? How ling until citizenship?

ya u can renew it.

7 years for citizenship by naturalization but i doubt that would help u much  in life .

True but how many times do you have to keep renewing it?


1 year after the 6 months?

1 yrs after the 6 months what .. the business visa is given on yearly basis .. the business visa u get at the airport is not valid  for many months , u must renew it as soon as u get in the city.either by being employed case in which ur employees will take care of it or at sm places where they offer visa services  N it costs abt 280 $

i'd recommend u get a job :)

Must of go that mixed up with another country. So when you arrive at the airport you can get what kind of visas? And how long do they last?

Before i go? Or as sonn as i arrive?

u can get a tourist visa  valid  for 2 months but its a 1 entry visa and u might hv some problems at the transit point i.e malayesia/singapore ,if u don't have a return ticket , at the completion of those 2 months u can get out of the country N re-enter applying to a  business visa  case in which u extend it asap .

u can get  any of these at the airport itself .. check  google to see if ur nationality requires a  different visa plan

It says i will need a valid passport and i can get a tourist or business visa when i arrive at the airport. Can i get a business visa without having a actual job in Cambodia? I am going as a freelance photographer but i am very interested at getting another job as well. Also where would be a website or a place where i could find out about renting an apartment?

ya.. ofcourse u need a valid passport would one travel without a valid passport in the first place , yes u  can get a visa at the airport but the business visa u need to extend it as soon as  possible.

visas can be sorted out .

as a freelance photographer u still need some sort of legal arrangement , like your own business or be hired . freelance photographer doesn't mean to travel N just take pics for fun , u need to be member of an association at least to be entitled as a photographer for a living

you can check  out the expat forum for rent offers , there are apartments available at all times , u need to figure out hw much u can afford to spend on rent and which are your living expectations ..

Do I need an onward or return ticket upon arrival in Phnom Pehn before securing the ordinary/business visa? some airlines require a return ticket or at least an onward ticket before allowing one to travel, I only need a one way ticket, plan on staying in Cambodia

Tell them you are leaving by bus for Thailand.

If you don't know traveler site you may like to have a look.
You may find good prices there.
Bon voyage!

Thanks for that bit of info. will check it out, although I will be leaving for Cambodia from India, my current home!  cheers! Maccalou and thanks for the Bon Voyage

You can leave from anywhere.

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