I would like your attorney's contact information please. 


My friend is in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia working and her husband left her to another country 4 to 5 years ago. She's not heard from him since.  She's from Pangasinan. What attorney should she contact and what should her first steps be living and working in Malaysia?  Thanks

I have a big problem.  My fiancee is here in canada as a live in caregiver and will be applying for PR in the next few weeks.  I am a born and raised Canadian

Long story, she just found out that she is "married" in Philippines to someone that she knew there but never agreed to marry.  Apparently he paid off some officials in the government so that this marriage is legal, he forged her signature and her mothers as a "witness".  He somehow got a copy of her birth certificate and voters card, we dont know how this happened, her mother did not give it to him.  For the past 6 years, she left Philippines and has lived and working in Taiwan and in Canada and has never lived with or been romantically involved with this guy.  He now has another girlfriend and a child with her. 

All of her canadian papers say she is single and nobody ever noticed or cared taht she did not put married (she dd not know she was, so she was not lying at the time).

We now want to get married in Canada but we are worried that if she ever went back there she will get caught for bigamy ect. 

She contacted this guy as he still lives in her home town.  He admitted to paying the official and forging the signatures but refuses to fix it.  He told her to pay for the annulment.  She is so upset now that she has to hide from her own country as she can be arrested there if reported.

I need help.  What do we do here, will this affect her PR application and can we still get married here?  I am so worried and nervous and we don't know what to do.


Don't get married...yet. Consult a lawyer in the Philippines, a good reputable lawyer in a BIG firm. This is grounds for nullification not an annulment.

You are up against a government official, whether he/she is holding office at this time or not. This will be expensive to fight. I wish you good luck!

thanks for the response.  the man is not a government official, he just paid someone to do it.  We dont know who helped him, but this is fraud.  We have a wedding date set and have lots of money invested in that.  im so worried and scared about this.


Delay it for later. You don't need the legal hang ups and implications that the Philippines has to offer.

Get the marriage nullified and enjoy each other as boyfriend/girlfriend for now.

Here is another idea. Has she considered getting divorced in Canada? He Philippines may not have divorce, but the Philippines courts honors foreign judicial decisions. Talk to a lawyer in Canada and see what he/she can provide. When divorced, take the papers to the Philippines so a judge can recognize the divorce. It could be the quickest way!

Yes,definitely it does

just send me pm and will give you free legal advice ;)

shygirl :
flipicaneze :
singababes :

thanks for the advice atty.joelstrauss,do you have any idea how much it cost to file annulment because i am the only one can pay everything my ex don't want to pay for what is the first step how to file an annulment?is it possible that the lawyer can do continue proceeding this while i am here and Sg?please more advice pls.thank you...and more power.....

First off look up Philippines Annulment/Nullification laws (two totally different definitions).  The grounds are difficult to come up with, more so for Annulment.  You have to find something to base your case on.  From there find and save any kind of evidence, collect witnesses and prepare yourself for a long, hard road.

Mine is costing me about ~120,000PHP, so far...  It could get more costly as it proceeds; and this is with my lawyer being a family member of mine.  It has also costs me many good salary job opportunities because of traveling back and forth from the USA.  Plane tickets, living expenses and my sanity as well I have spent.  (Never know when the ex may retaliate; you know what they say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned")

hi flipicaneze.  have you received your court decision already? if yes how long is the duration it takes you to get the finality and decree of annullment.  Appreciate your advise as I need to know atleast as basis on the timeframe.   thanks

Sorry it took so long to reply. I haven't paid attention to this thread in a long time.

But, yes it's done. It took about 7 years from start to finish.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Don't get married.

For more in depth legal information on annulment in the Philippines, you will find this website helpful: It has several new articles on annulment:

Has your annulment come through? How long did it take in total? How much was the total cost?

Can you please give me the contact details of the Attorney you used.

Hello Konewone

How long did your Annulment take and total cost please?

Can you please send me the contact details of the attorney you used. Thank you

professor cebu :

quite long... 2 known clients had it in less than 12 months time :)

Hello Professor Cebu.

Can you please give me the contact details of attorneys who can annul in less than a year and the cost please.

Arthas :

Hi everyone;

I have two questions;

1. My girl friend's ex husband is filing an annulment against her. they already agreed to file annulment and he agreed to file it. as per him, he filed it on Jan 2015. Now it is almost end of may and my gf did not receive any summon letter. What is the duration to receive summon letter after filing the annulment?

2. I was also married with a Filipina. We married in turkey and divorced in turkey. Now should I file an annulment for my divorce to be recognize in Philippines? and if I don't file annulment in Philippines, can I marry a Filipina again? What is the consequences if I don't file annulment in Philippines and get marry with a Filipina in turkey again?

Thank you

you will see an Americans divorce is USA is recongnised in Philippines

witty.monkey :

if it was filed she should have a noticed. i think the best thing you can do is tell your gf to ask her ex hubby about it. or else she'll be the one to filed it.. my friend cost her more 80,000 pesos in her annulment. and it took 8 month.   you can tell  her to consult at the PAO office in cebu, so that she can have idea why it took so long so receive a notice. the lawyer there can able to answer your worry without burning money unlike those private attorney. so far that's the best thing you can do.

Hello Witty

If 8 months is the total time your friend got the annulment, may i please have the attorney's contact details. I guess 8 month is the notice receiving period.


Have get it annuled? Pls let me know we have same situation

Yep annulled

Hi does your annulment process was successful?


Just pm if interested for contacts :D

Dear Miss

I read ur post here on about ur annulment.
Could u please provide me the number and name of your attorney in Cebu?

My Girlfriend was married some yeaes ago ,but is living separetly for 5 years.  they were only 3 months together. Now we have have to get an anullement thas why im looking for serious good attorney.

Many thanks and kind regards

Hi everyone,

I'm also looking for tested and reliable Attorney esp. Annulment here in Cebu. Please let me know if you know someone.

Thank you!

I’ve been separated with my husband for more than 6 yrs.. Now I am looking for an expert lawyer in annulment cases as I can no longer wait for the Divorce bill in the Philippines. Can anyone recommend me a good lawyer from Batangas city?

Have you found a good atty in Batangas area?

Annulment has nothing to do with the time of separation; It ha to do with the purported state of mind when the marriage was celebrated.

Hi, did you annulled already? By atty jorico bayaua?

May I know the name of your lawyer please. Thank you.

I recognize the argument of divorcing in Canada BUT to do that she will have to admit she was MARRIED  to the guy and SHE  has now committed a fraud on the Canadian court.

Same thing with an annulment which admits an invalid marriage which she knows did not happen. She's lying to the court.

She needs to fight this straight on I believe. Sad but true.

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