Need Help with an Ethiopian Shoe Manufacturer


I've been doing some research on shoe manufacturers in Addis Ababa but have no way of visiting them personally. I'm a college student looking to develop a shoe line in the United States and I've been told that Ethiopia makes the best leather shoes. I've found a company called OK Jamaica Shoes and would like to see their samples but I'm having a hard time contacting them.

Would anyone be willing to help me get in touch with this manufacturer, or work with  me an as agent?


I just contacted them now through phone and get their head office direction, I can be an agent for you just to hook u up with them, they seem willing to assist a student like u.

So, if u r interested contact me through my phone +251911619180 and we will go from there.


many manufacturers fear to show "what they are doing " to the outsiders.but if you are a student and have a kind of "to whom it may concern", they will be happy to show you some of the things you ask, provided that you go in person.I think their address is at Bole.

Asres(Math tutor)

I wish I could visit them in person, Addis Ababa looks like a beautiful city. Unfortunately I cannot afford to travel there at this time as I'm saving all of my money for the production of shoes.

They have images of some of their shoes on their website, I'm just looking for some more of their designs. I don't have the expertise to design or manufacturer my own shoe; I want to private label their products.

Hopefully some day I can make it over there.

LadyGaga shoes are made in Portugal :) , one interesting hub on the leather show industry. Might be interesting to procure some partnership in terms of I&D , since i guess pricing from Ethiopian would be hard to beat [ at a time where chinese corporation are outsourcing there ].

Most of the main shoe manufacturers have big branches in Piazza, Addis Ababa. My favorites are Anbassa and Sheba. Like Anbassa for durability and Sheba for style (more classic modern).

Student, no experience on the production issue thus no tecnical skills to evaluate or control production sides, no design ( got at least some copyrigh / inovation to bring to the table ? ) , very limited budget to visit factorys, and problably limited quantity.

Save your trip budget. Hire experienced sourcing agent, start your initial production to test the market, maybe you can even find some business angel - - to boost your "idea".
and other go to the source middle man.


1. try to get in touch with your local ethiopian embassy, they have a Business chancler he can help

2. get in touch with the ethiopian chamber of commerce, find their Homepage

3. have a look for some alternative companies, I knwo for excample
a. sole rebels the founder was educated in the US, she might help you
b. get in touch with EIFCCOS, the GM is realy friendly I meet him several times in AA when we were both waiting in some government Offices, sorry lost his number -, intresting this Company is a cooperative and I saw some of their products, most is handwork done by smal famelies at home, a nice social storry for sure good for a Marketing


Is there anything I can do for you?
I live in Addis and if you need help contact me on my email ***
Good luck

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