Looking for business partner in Ethiopia..


I have 20years GULF experience in interior works, presently in India.

Planning to come to Ethiopia to start a interior business, seriously looking for business partner who can invest as sleeping or working partner.

If anyone serious, please reply.




to strat a business in Ethiopia, with looking for a partner is a hard and diffcult road, beside that the officials are requesting certain criterias you must fullfill!

1. You can open a company as a non Ethiopia with out any local partner! Please be awear of this! what ever people tell you! Some business fields are restricted and reserved for locals only! Please check the HP of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, where you can find the proclamations!

2. To recieve a investment licence you need a minimum of 200.000 USD to show in a Ethiopian Bank account (foreign currency account) or bank guranty from you home country (often rejected for smal business). If you have a local partner it goes done to 150.000 USD.

3. Starting with out this capital might be possible, but will push you into a semi legal situtaion and cut your rights as a non Ethiopian and is not advisable!

Now how do you find a partner. Honestly there is no answer to this! in general Ethiopian are eager to go into partnership for business with foreigners, often to eager!

People who have money have no reason for a partnership, they can do anytime allone, with out you, and they will do allone one day if you partner up!

Share distribution has to follow the contribution of capital, all other distribution is under the table and unsecure for you!

The main problem meight be that Ethiopia is welcoming INVESTORS, but not ENTERPRENEURS! This is refeclting in the laws as well the civil cerfice workers at the investment commission!

Any other question feel free to contact me via PM


Hi Venki,

I'm Sapan, from India.

I have worked in Addis Ababa for 2 years.

I'm interested to collaborate with you.

However, currently I'm looking for opportunities of working as an employee.

If interested, feel free to get in touch with me.


I am Hanna

I am looking any business partners who wants to invest in KIDS PLAY ZONE.
I have good experience of working and many customers.
If any one contact me email: ***

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Hi everyone,

For all those looking for/offering business partnership please drop your advert in the required section :
- Business partners in Addis Ababa

Thank you


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