Wishful Dreaming

Hi everbody! (done in my best Dr. Nick voice from The Simpsons)

I am from the US and I had my first experience with Brazil in 2009 doing some volunteer work. I admit I fell in love with the place. I knew it was a place I would love to live in and work. I'm quite fond of everything I know of the place.

I can't say I know much Portuguese which isn't great, but Portuguese isn't offered as much as say Spanish is in my area. The few places I know that offer it are located kind of far from me and cost way too much. But that doesn't deter me from trying to pick up some of the language here and there.

I have 3 college degrees and wealth of experience in a plethora of fields of work. I have huge desire to work and live in Brazil. I am just trying to find a way to get there and work. Any and all help is appreciated and would like to speak with anyone with connections and advice. Thank you.



my names dave i am living in brazil (petrolina)  with a wonderful girl  its not easy but slowly i am making in roads
if i can help in any way mail me  [email protected]


If you want to get started on a Portuguese course (for free) then check out LiveMocha.com.  When you sign up they will offer courses that cost $$, but if you look for the small print ["free courses"] then you'll get a much better deal. :lol:

The best book i've seen so far is "Portuguese in 10 Minutes A Day." You can find it on Amazon.com for a good price. It's the only book i've found that uses American phonetics to help us imitate Brazilian Portuguese sounds. It's SO much easier & user friendly than a lot of the other stuff out there.

Boa Sorte!