Doing business in Botswana


are foreign investors welcome in Botswana?

Is it complicated to register a company in Botswana? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Botswana?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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looking to get some info and living in the capital
anyone who lives there or planing to move there would be great

Hello WildTurkey.

You are a bit off topic.

Can you please start a new discussion on the Botswana forum and also ask your questions.

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Hey, One of my friend is foreign investor, If you have any other information please update.

go to for the government requirements for foreign investors and it has local agencies who can help with the finer details..and generally you will need to make sure that you employ more Batswana than foreigners in your business..

Thanks for the information.


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