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I have been advised to eat Gluten free bread. But I have not been able to find it in Riyadh. Any suggestions please.

if there is a LULU in Riyadh try there the one in Al Khobar has Burgen Bread soy and linseed not gluten free but gluten reduced my wife has it as she has an intolerence to gluten. not perfect but it works for her. also i hear that either panda or tamimi have gluten free flour. and they all do gluten free pasta you have to search for it in the shop but they have it.

hope this helps

There is LULU in Riyadh I think near Downtown area >> I am not sure where exactly but I went before.

We have a Lulu supermarket, I'll have a look.
Thank you

I hope that you have more interesting roads to ride than we have in the Riyadh area. I dream of N Yorkshire.


Check out Danube supermarket, they have a section for special diets. You should also check out a shop called Biobest infornt of Akaria shopping center in Olaya.

jillndave wrote:

I have been advised to eat Gluten free bread. But I have not been able to find it in Riyadh. Any suggestions please.

There is a shop BakeMate +24° 41' 30.22", +46° 42' 6.92" (24.691729, 46.701921) on Dabbab Street besides Mama Nora restaurant (King Fahd Medical City), they have fresh breads and other varieties.

BIOBEST is another place you can find gluten free goods (not fresh breads) but pasta, flours & other varieties & once you go there, you the guy there will also help you to find a new gluten free bakery recently open on Oruba Street.

Thanks to all who have contributed. I have somewhere to search for now.

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Hi,in RIYADH there is BAKEMATE (BAKERS RENDEZVOUS SHOP) has a wide range of Gluten Free as freshly baked items daily,, by the end of 2011 and early 2012 they have a new product with new types of pasta`s with different souses ,Jam`s and biscuite ..ETC  with more gifts..


I have a pretty goo recipe for gluten free bread - my partner is coeliac so she bakes it regularly! let me know if you want it and i'll dig it out

Thamkyoi friend for great s ur disease niw ?
Thanks si.much friend brother about bake mate .. wwell hows ur gluten free diet ? I mean  U have been this through :( if so tell tell please about . . Thankyiu

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