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I am indian, I would like to know if there are any indian communities in Bujumbura and how is teh place to move into. My friend has started a business in Bujumbura and wants me to run the same for him for a year. Currently the business deals in papers ( all types) and further expand based on growth in local market.

hi my name is ntwari rmel brousel, i am burundian, i live here in bujumbura.let me tell you ,here in bujumbura there is so many indians ,feel free and well come to bujumbura hakuna matata.i was born in 1985 here in bujumbura my contact is [email protected]

thanks a lot god be with you.

Thank you armel. Good to hear from you. What do you do in Burundi? Are you working there?

i am student in nairobi ,but this moment i am  here in bujumbura.i need money to back to school , i look someone who can help me, can you get involved to help me?i need 100 dollars to go in nairobi.

thanks a lot.

Concerning the Indian community here, I have noticed quite a few and there is even an Asian Quarter where many of the shops are located. At this particular time, there are so many opportunities to start businesses here, especially in tourism or technology.

I have also noted several Indian restaurants so you should feel right at home for the most part.


I am an Indian, currently residing in Bujumbura with family, wife and
son (studying in King's School - BJM).  I have just come here from
India last month and am on the lookout for a decent house in Bujumbura
to live in. Wanted to check with the members of this association if
anyone would have a house TO LET.

We promise to keep your house in good condition till the time it is hired.

Kindly arrange to pass this message to all members of your association.

Contact No. : Anish Joseph - 00257 78190444
Contact Mail id: [email protected]

Contact Urgently.

Thanks and Regards,

Anish Joseph

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May be you should post an advert in the Burundi classifieds > accommodation section as well.


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