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Hi, my husband and i are seriously considering moving from ireland to andorra with 3 young children and i would love to hear any advice from people out there who have made this move already.  my main concerns would be that we have no spanish or french and so i'm a little nervous about learning a new language from scratch.  also i'm quite worried about the children schooling and seem to find little info on the internet.  would love any tips, advice or stories from anyone who has done this move before.

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Hello eherb.

I think your considering moving to Andorra is a great choice.  I did it almost a year ago, and i have nothing but good feelings about it, no regrets at all. 

It is a great little country, at least that is what i think.

About the languages, i would not worry so much, most people speak more than two and a considerable number of people (minority)speak English too. You do not need to know Spanish or French or Portuguese which are normally used by many.  All you need to know is Catalan which is the only official language of the country and virtually spoken and understood by everybody in Andorra.  There are ample ways to learn it for free.

In regard to your children schooling, i recommend you to refer to the following link, mainly on the section "Guia In-Format":

It is in Catalan of course, but you can get a fairly decent translation into English using the the following free on line translator:

Take care and good luck. If you need more info let me know.

Dear Eherb,
be aware of the papers and conditions for immigration! Check yahoo with the search "living in andorra" and you will find lots of information! About schools: You can have your kids go to private school (english and spanish) but that would cost you like 700 EUR / child / month. There is also French school (only french spoken) or Andorran school where they teach in french and catalan (2 teachers in 1 class). Hope this helps a bit...
Kind regards, V.

Can anyone give me information about the international school in Andorra? We are sending our children there in Sept and I would really appreciate any info anyone has.

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