Duck - Missiles incoming … n=BBCS_BBC

After Israel attacked the Iranian consulate in Syria (an act of war against Iran and Syria), Iran is hitting back.

Israeli defenses will probably destroy most, but the risk of a more serious conflict is very real. Expats might want to keep an eye on the situation as it might very well turn into a full blown war between Israel and several surrounding countries.

The rights and wrongs are pretty much unimportant, bombs exploding are.

BBC news … an-attack/

Israel is working on it, but what comes next is what matters to expats all over the region.

Will Israel attack Iran directly, and will the US be stupid enough to join in?

Even a shot down missile lands somewhere. There's bound to be damage.

My next thought was how much does this cost Israel in anti-missile missiles - not cheap … s-by-cost/

Who pays, and who makes cash from it?

The propagana and misinformation has started … nterrupted

We can expect a lot more of that - Aeschylus got that right


The Israelis bombed the Iranian embassy

Iran saw that as an attack on Iranian soil (That's normal for embassies)

Iran shot a bunch of missiles and drones - The US and UK assisted in intercepting them

Israel has just shot back because they wanted revenge for the revenge attack

Your preferred side has little to do with much, but visiting Israel (or Iran) might not be that safe at the moment.