Making Aliyah and establishing tax residency in Israel?..


I currently live in New Zealand and am a citizen/tax resident here.  However, at this time in my life, my wife and I want to travel and work remotely (mostly in Europe) for the next 5-7yrs (we'll be moving around a lot never staying very long in each country).  This should take place in 3-4 months according to our current schedule. 

We will have no ties to NZ when we leave, which removes us from NZ tax residency status.  So our thinking was to visit Israel, make Aliyah and then get setup there by moving my biz entity and banking to Israel.  What is very appealing is the 10yr tax holiday on foreign earned income (which is what my income is).  That being said, we also want to travel most of the time so don't want to be stuck in Israel too long initially.  Does anyone know if this is doable?  To get off the plane and obtain citizenship (100% Jew), then obtain tax resident status in Israel, then go off and travel?  Or do we need to live in Israel x-days per year or other things to be considered a tax resident of Israel?  We can't really afford property.

If anyone has some insights thank you!