Expenses needed to live in CR

Am seeing a lot of posts on different sites saying in CR it is very expensive to live there. If living a modest single life how much might a person need per month to live there? Thanks!

32 years ago when i arrived in costa rica the only books available stated $600 month

this was not correct at that time and today the least amount for a safe life is no less than $1700 month

the problem of this type of blog is the specific explanations are 20 pages long and i doubt anyone has the time to write this type of info

i created 100s of pages of info over the 32 years but it took a long time and many things have changed

if i was to give one advice it is make sure you live in a gated complex with guards not because your life will be in danger but you possessions will be in danger

for those who ask is costa rica safer than the states my answer is absolutely safer and if you ask is it less expensive the answer if yes but this is not a place you can expect to live on a shoestring

recent news articles are suggesting that the one outstanding positive of costa rica is in danger outside of the upper class areas of escazu, santa ana, ciudad colon, tres rios, rohmosher, is that the quality of water will not be so good in the future    read orbitcostarica.com info

the other is outside these areas you cannot expect quality standards like medical care

what would i want to be able to live like if i was a newcomer to costa rica

  1. be able to talk to people who understand real english so being able to get advice on how to adjust to the different cultural modes of this country
  2. living in a gated complex with a pool and other amenities

making sure of where to shop like find our version of cosco called pricesmart which over the years i find gringos coming from remote beaches to shop here in the central valley since there are none in the beaches

3. living in the beaches is great for most a first but expensive and not safe in some areas and the temperature is always very hot 12 months a year

4.  the decision to own a car is a major expense and most people will not survive well without one unless they live in certain areas with easy access to all services

we have several condos furnished which rent from $600 month to $1200 month with pool, tennis, etc but these prices will increase over the years just like the inflation pressure of the states

the best one is in a complex of 3000 units with shopping center inside 5 miles west of santa ana since the closer you get to santa ana and escazu the prices go up

when i read about people that want to get residency permit immediately i would tell them to ask those who come and go back home in a few months before they spend money on lawyers and documents

My outflow for electricity ( 2 A/C's running 24/7), internet, cell phone plan, and water is $250-300/month. Food and gas is what you make it. I see many around me living large with grand houses, many comforts and meals out, and big expenses. You can live with great joy, meaning, and have lots of fun on little. :) I do not live in a gated community. I feel very safe. I do not own a television or expensive extras. I know my neighbors, a mix of expats and tico families. I've found ways to share my gifts/talents/skills, to teach English and Art free of charge. I've learned the language quickly by engaging with locals as often as possible. When I can't afford something I need or want, I simply wait until I can. Go for a swim, a hike, share an iced tea on a neighbor's porch...etc. And I've never been happier than in this gorgeous, loving county. I also applied for Residency early simply to avoid having to leave the country every 90 days and did all the work on my own without a lawyer. What CR costs depends on who you are. :) I do have a car and it can get expensive as they are mostly older and need upkeep. I have an ATV I purchased when I arrived and that is a great way to get around cheaply. The buses go everywhere and if you're a patient person or up for learning greater patience, that is a superb way to get around and see the country. Recently I went to the Cloud Forest and stayed in a B&B for $23/night (2 queen beds and a patio) with one of my adult children. It was beautiful and quiet and the homemade breakfast was a perfect start to our fun day of hiking.

@trescorazonescr Such a beautiful response! Thank you!🙏😊🌺

@trescorazonescr What a wonderful reply!

It's refreshing to read commentary from someone who has immersed themselves in CR culture & her people. This is the only way to acclimate and be happy living as an ex-pat anywhere in the world.

last 7 years, I live in Barrio Los Yoses/Barrio Escalante in East side of San Jose. Eight universities, many embassies, indoor shopping mall (San Pedro mall) and one of the best areas for “foodies” with great variety of restaurants and brewpubs in Barrio Escalante. Very safe.

It is true that Costa Rica is not  cheap. All of my gringo friends that retired in CR, have ALL moved to Medellin Colombia. Medellin is 40-50% cheaper than CR. Perfect weather and many neighborhoods very safe.  Although I own my condo in Los Yoses, I spend 1-2 months a year in Medellin.