Shared Housing in Costa Rica

Hi Everybody...... I am starting some CR living research in hopes of eventually getting a Pensionado visa within the next year or so.....I am currently planning a 1 - 2 week visit in early 2024 and then if CR looks like a good spot to retire to, I would apply for the visa during my next visit for 90 days in mid 2024 and begin searching for a place to lay my head. My question is this....If I wanted to find someone who is in similar financial circumstances - collecting $1600 per month SSI Retirement - and who would like the idea of sharing a house/apartment/cabin costs.....where and how would be a way of finding folks like this? Is there a place on this forum or another where one could post like an ad like this ........ sorta like a Craigslist posting? Would love to get some feedback.

Hello Michael Trainor,

In which region/city will you be located ?

You may create an advert in the Housing in Costa Rica section of the website to benefit from more visibility.



Hello Bhavna,

Thank you for your response and the info....I will take a look.

So far I've been looking mostly at Ciudad Colon and San Isidro - Alajuela Province because they both look affordable.  I want to stay away from buying a car so I would like to live where jumping on a bus to the beach is easy.  I know that Ciudad Colon is not especially great for buses but San Isidro seems like it might be.  I just want to live a simple affordable life and think CR would offer that more so than the US.  I like to go to the beach maybe 4 times per week but would not live too close because the cost goes up the closer you get.

Would you have any recommendations?  Do you live in CR?

Thanks again,


Consider San Jose area. No car needed. Uber is super cheap. Frequent, quick and very cheap bus transportation to Pacific beaches (ie, Jaco $5 US one-way ticket.

@TravelWorldNow .........You got to be kidding ! ? Why even bother coming to Costa Rica for that, nothing is worth that high crime and congested dump.......

@edwinemora where would you suggest a safe place to retire?

@edwinemora where would you suggest to retire?

I know your inquiry wasn't addressed to me, but I love the sound of my own voice.

Without going into a lot of details, let me suggest that the success of your resettlement will depend on two factors: community and amenities. Is there a social network into which you will fit, and will you find whatever will satisfy your needs and wants.

Those are questions you need to ask and to answer for yourself.

@edwinemora I totally disagree!  Many safe and great neighborhoods, like Barrio Los Yoses, Barrio Escalante, Barrio Dent. Been in Costa Rica for almost 30 years, never had a safety issue.

@terramedic911 ..........Friends don't let friends retire in these 3 places....That whole Atlantic zone is problematic.The province of Puntarenas covers a large territory but do stay out of the 'Old seedy polluted Port'.Affordable harbor living but at a risk.And of course San Jose....Any place away from those places, there is a good chance you will do just fine.....

@TravelWorldNow .....Good for you.......The foreign majority comes seeking our Jungles of Eden that even reach to the clouds.....The beaches will always be the big draw for those who can afford it.I left San Jose as a young man to aspire for more in life within Costa Rica.Away from the noise, pollution and traffic .