Looking for Thai in Jamaica

Hi all, Can anyone suggest how to find a Thai person or Thai people living in Jamaica ? Thanks, Walk good, all the best. ***

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Hey rakthai,

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Is there a particular reason you are interested in connecting with the Thai community in Jamaica?

Are you considering a relocation to Jamaica? Are you already there?

You can check for Thai people here > Jamaica expat network > https://www.expat.com/en/network/centra … a/jamaica/

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Hi Cheryl,  Thanks for your response!

Actually I am only looking for a Thai speaking person who understands Thai religion Buddhist.

I was born and grow in Jamaica but live in Thailand now, after many travels.

Thing is, my Thai friend and I would want to ask some one to do a Buddhist prayer in Jamaica about some land I am trying to sell there. It is called "Thaam pittee" Good intentions and nothing negative...

My Thai friend could speak Thai with them and they would understand exactly what that means. It is a religious thing asking buddha to help us get the land sale expedited. Now I would be willing to offer some compensation for such help, as to agree upon?

Thanks again,

Best regards,