We are now looking at a long-term rental

I'm Kathryn, a (semiretired) technical editor and science writer. My husband is Mark, a retired toxicologist/ecologist. We've been to CR several times and sold our home in California and moved here with our two cats 3 weeks ago. We've been staying in AirBnbs to look at various parts of the country. We are now looking at a long-term rental but finding it hard to navigate outside of AirBnbs. We are nature lovers and want to sit outside on a patio and write, take pictures, study animals. We want be surrounded by jungle to the extent possible while having the following:

  • high-speed wifi
  • screens on windows (and preferably doors) - we want to keep our cats inside to protect them as well as the wildlife...a screened patio would be ideal so we can let them out a little without jeopardizing anything...we would be willing to negotiate installing this at the home with the right landlord
  • want to join the community, both Tico and expat, not live behind gates
  • unfurnished home would be great, as we have some furniture and kitchen stuff (but not appliances) arriving from the States later this month
  • enough land to allow wildlife to pass through and to not hear frequent barking dogs, traffic, etc.

Thinking of the Cantons (not IN the towns) of San Ramon, San Carlos, Grecia...perhaps Perez Zeledon

Any help on how to look or find a reputable realtor that covers these areas would be appreciated.

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@Alikat23 I got an Airbnb wood cabin with the requested amenities in San Francisco, Guanacaste and I offer long term rental discount. I'm surrounded by forest, 400 m from the road. Look up Chalet Escondido in Google maps. Good luck.

Hello everyone and welcome Alikat23,

I would suggest that you create an advert in the Housing in Costa Rica section of the website to get some offers (from either professionals or individuals).

You may also contact professionals registered or recommended in the Real estate in Costa Rica to enquire.

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@Bhavna thanks for the ideas!

@Alikat23 .....The priority should be finding a reputable attorney before anything...Have a plan 'B', just in case you become disillusioned with Costa Rica.Bringing your furniture from the U.S. and moving it from rental to rental will be costly.Perez Zeledon and the foothills, check out the "Alexander Skutch Wildlife/Biological Corridor".The beach prices have finally made it inland to this blessed zone.Safety and Security are a God given right anywhere, but not in Costa Rica.....

Thanks…any suggestions on how to find a reputable real estate lawyer, and a reputable real estate agent?

@Alikat23 .......The only thing I feel comfortable suggesting is,'whatever area you fall in love with where you want to invest, try to deal directly with the seller'.When you start dealing with more than one person involved with the sale you run the risk of getting cross information from everyone.There is no shortage of Americans that just want to cut their losses and get out of Costa Rica and this raises your chances of finding a fair deal.

There are no shortages of Canadians and Americans who just want to sever ties with their countries and go to Costa Rica.  Crime is crazy in these countries as well as a ton of social issues and divisive politics.

@johncrossley1 .......Look it up, it is old news now ! More crime in Costa Rica---PER CAPITA--than Canada and the U.S.....Don't make that an excuse to move to Costa Rica..Plus indifference or discrimination is rife here too...It gets glossed over as 'gringo gouge' ....

Hello everyone,

We are going off-topic here !

Alikat has a precise request. Please let us not deviate the main subject of this thread.

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@Alikat23 - finding a good realtor that has a listing of longer-term rentals is key.  You can go on the larger sites to look (think Point2Homes) but I find that lots of that is outdated.  Happy to help put you in touch with some in the region.

@pjPuraVida I would appreciate any referrals! I've looked at that site, seems limited and mostly expensive listings. Thanks

@Bhavna thanks for your comments 😊

A long term rental seems to be the best option until you live there for a few years and really know you can handle the changes. I plan on starting off with a month each winter then 3 months upon retirement. I know I can definitely handle Jan Feb and March. Rentals seem to be way cheaper than what it would cost in a monthly mortgage payment for the same property then you don't have to worry about thefts when you are away from CR.