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I have retired and have lived in Puerto Escondito years ago.  I would like to live in the same type of area but, I am much older now and will need some household help.  Also I am treated for chronic pain in the states and concerned that I will not be able to continue w/ the opiate  meds that I am treated with. We have sold our home and are poised to nretire somewhere on the west coast but so much has changed since I have lived there.

Maybe check out San Louis Obispo.  Nice beach town.  Not as expensive as most of coastal California.

What am I doing wrong? I keep sending my question and keep having problems. I've written concerns for my health which is a delicate matter. I have lived in C America many years ago. Loved it and poised to come back. Sold my house and visiting relatives in Texas had implant surgery in Juarez, treated for chronic pain w/ excellent doctor when reg here cut my med and my life has abruptly chanced...From a hiker w/my dog to workouts and a pretty decent life style. Where can you go (hopefully) Mexico where I can continue to be treated w/ pain meds. I am 80. Nothing is going to restore my nerve damage and etc.. I just want to live out the rest of my life and those I love in painless peace and a modicum of grace. I know this is a delicate matter and there is so much more I need to ask about a move now but, there is no move w/out the care I had been given.   Thankyou ahead for your understanding in this a matter I find difficult to share.

@hollymar000 I am having trouble since techno is my nono but trying.  Thanks to Debbie for the info. Also Had a great fun time restaurant in Rio Dulce Guate. If anyone remembers naked Jungle Tours and Grilled eggplant pizza etc.  Trying to get back to C America . Health is the specific problem. Can't solve it in the states where it began because now in 2023 its a scandal.  I'm tired of the way we are treated in the states w/ high cost of ins and supplemental ins . Need only to know how they treat chronic pain in Mexico. Is this a question that can't be discussed. Sorry from the generation that spills it all, takes it all off, serves it all up  and hopes for the same.  If some one can clue me in. I am poised over the border ready to descend   but can't get important health info.   Thanks for all.  Hollymar

@debbyblank  Thanks Debby. Is that where u are?  I spent many years on the Rio Dulce w/ hot little restaurant Hollymar.  Did lots. Unfortunately things change. Spent a year in Puerto Escondito,,,,, Wonderful place.  Looking up your suggestion and it looks great....Just have a great love of the ocean. Anyway thanks so much for the info and the time......