Meeting new people


This year i want to move to Malaysia, and I would love to meet new people. what places you all going to meet up ?

I like photography, nature and wildlife and traveling, also I will get married with my Malaysian girlfriend in July .


Hi Wesley (sounds very Dutch:):)

Nice to meet you, I also have not made the move yet. However I have plans to find work in KL. I will be there in May this year, if by any chance you are there we could meet up.

My top favourites outside KL were Peneng, and Borneo (Malaysian part).


Su Ying


hi Su Ying,

Im in june in Malaysia for preparation wedding and also celebrate my daughters birthday.

love to meet new people and make friends, but still need a job to stay permanent in Malaysia.

Also you can find me on [link moderated]

Still need to explore allot in malaysia Kuala Lumpur is great, also been in penang and ipoh

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