What are senior insurance benefit services?

My grandfather is 65 years old, and I think he is eligible for Medicare services and insurance. Can someone explain what senior benefit services are?

For obvious reasons, seniors (those aged 60 and up) are the target demographic for senior citizen health insurance. Mediclaim [link moderated] for the elderly is only a contract between the insurer and the policyholder, like any other type of health insurance. In exchange for the policyholder's premium payment, the insurer will cover the policyholder's out-of-pocket medical costs, including those associated with hospitalization, daycare, post- and pre-hospitalization treatment, and other related costs. However, the cost of medical coverage for the elderly is significantly more than that of a similar policy for a younger person

@dan smith you should go to the Medicare website. It is very comprehensive. If your father has fulfilled certain work requirements, he would be eligible for Social Security and Medicare. IF he already receives Social Security payments, he is already enrolled in Medicare. If he does not, he needs to register asap or he will have higher rates when he does sign up.

@dan smith

I'm an insurance agent. Brewpub56 is correct that if your grandfather is aged 65+ and has fulfilled 10 years of working in the US then he will likely be eligible for Medicare. If he's getting social security benefits, he will be automatically enrolled when he turns 65. If he's not getting social security benefits then he won't be automatically enrolled, but can enroll if he's eligible. If he didn't work the required 10 years then Medicare can be very expensive -- in this case as long as he is legally present in the US he would be eligible for health insurance through the official marketplace. The marketplace offers discounts based on his household income, which often makes insurance more affordable. The official marketplace depends on the state, as some states have their own and other states use the main federal one.

If he is eligible for Medicare, he will benefit from also getting a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medigap supplement to cover what basic Medicare doesn't cover.