New members of the Greece forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi all,

Newbie on the Greece forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Greece if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi all, just joined you from New Zealand (originally from the UK). My wife and I have travelled to Greece countless times, from sleeping on the beaches in the 80's to taking our children to Greece to introduce them to this beautiful country. We have been very fortunate and are currently looking at perhaps purchasing a property in Greece and following the golden visa route (thank you BREXIT!). Please be prepared and patient as I have soooooo many questions. Cheers and all the best, Tim 👍


Glad to follow you through the process -- my wife and I are Americans, and have fallen in love with all that is Greece.  We're approaching retirement, and are beginning to look at purchasing a property ourselves, and going through the golden visa process.  I saw that the US Embassy in Athens has a list of recommended lawyers and I suspect your embassy may have the same thing.


Hie guys am from Zimbabwe l really want to know if they are any jobs for foreigners

Hello nyashamuseba48,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

I am sure that there should be jobs for foreigners, but could you please give us more details about your own job?

What do you do for a living?


Cheryl team

Hello am Miriam from Uganda and I would like to know how I can get an invitation to come to Greece. Thanks

Do you also want advice on how to make money???

what a question - governments only “invite” people that have special skills that the country needs - if you have these then apply

@PhilIpZ20201 I think its possible that Miriam may be able to obtain a work permit if she finds an employer to sponsor her which may in fact be the Greek government itselfThe tourist industry is crying out for staff,well the hotel and restaurant owners are,last year some of the afore mentioned could not open for lack of staff,in the same way that farmers here in Greece cannot function as a result of a lack of employees,the ripened crops cannot be taken from the fields and they go on to rot where they lay,nobody to do it,Greeks dont want that work or hospitality in hotels as it pays little and the hours are very long,however some people from various parts of the planet are very happy to have work with a work visa for x amount of time and to be given the experience of getting to know parts of the world that they might never know as well as earning more than they do back home and being able to help their families.Of course the Greek government must oversee Greek employers so as they do not abuse,mistreat and underpay such people or even their own for that matter,easier to stand your ground in your own country though.Farmers every year beg the very slow government in Greece to deliver work permits to peoples of other countries,very high skills are not required,only a good will and effort are necessary.Perhaps Miriam also has a good willingness to work like many others from different lands,and pleased we should be to receive them.Care and domestic work is another field in Greece which cries out for staff which often cannot be found here,so we must encourage the Miriams not put them down,there are many chances in life,especially in Greece which is prospering in the loving arms of great food growth and a ballooning tourist industry.A little more kindness Philip,for kindness doesnt usually hurt,sarcasm does and its not an aid to personal attraction.

Hello am Miriam from Uganda and I would like to know how I can get an invitation to come to Greece. Thanks

You need to find an employer willing to employ you.

@concertina your totally missing my point - people need to do their own basic research and decide accordingly - as you rightfully share there are loads of jobs  in Greece if they bother to go online and do their own research to find our where to apply

@PhilIpZ20201 Of course Philip,people need to step up themselves and do their own research,however nobody is sarcastic and rude to the poshy members,especially those from more affluent places,You wouldnt believe the questions people ask on here,sometimes really daft and i chuckle to myself cause it helps but you go with the flow if you feel like it but never be rude or sarcastic because its not nice.I didnt miss any point of yours Philip,I never miss anyones point,if they all did what they should then there would not be......EXPAT.COM.........would there?

Hello everyone,

Please note that this thread is meant for the introduction of members.


Members can post any question they have. offers a platform for research .. going online and searching for infos that's exactly what our members are doing here. We are also very grateful that our dear members take out of their precious time to reply to new members (even if the information is easily available elsewehere on internet).

Let us get back to the topic of this thread please. I invite new members to introduce themselves, read the existing threads of the Greece forum, browse through the Living in Greece guide for expats and start their own threads if they need guidance.

All the best



My name is Helen, i would like to live in Greece particulary in Syros, or Athen, and meet people who speak french ! i 1f60b.svg

@Julien Hello

My name is Helène

I live in France but i would like to live in Greece, i love Cyclade island and i have a house but i would like to meet some other people in Greece, to have some friends, who speak french ! because ελληνικά είναι πολύ δύσκολα 1f601.svg i am 64 year old

Hello Helen2,

Welcome on board !

As you are looking for french speaking people, I suggest that you participate on the francophone Greece forum :Forum Grèce

You can switch language at the very bottom of the page.

All the best


hello Bhavna, many thank to you

Hi, My name is Kellen and I am from India I want to live in Greece because I love the Greek language and the Greek culture, Currently i am learning the Greek language so that I could work in Greece also I don't have much work experience right now so that is a big barrier in front of me but anyways looking forward to meeting the ex-pats in Greece.

Hello everyone,

@Kellen Barwal,

It is a good initiative that you are learning greek language.

For a better start, feel free to read the Living in Greece guide for expats to know more about how to find a job, what visa is needed etc.

Should you have any questions, feel free to open a new thread on the Greece forum so that members can guide you.

All the best


@nakakembomarie invitation only not easy to come Greece I live 20 years Greece I am legal I want bring my brother till now not done


Hello Helen.

I am Godfrey lived 20 years in Greece before going to India in 2015. After gap of 8 years I am back in Greece, a lovely country. I am single and film producer. You can mesage me back for further talks.

Thanks & Regards.


@Julien Hi Im Joann From Philippines! I have a long chat mate from Greece, thats why i joined this group. I want to hear some inquiries that can relate on some question on my mind. Thank you!

Hi everyone!

We are Ann and Paul, originally from Sheffield, England. We moved to Turkey 13 years ago, but when we have sold our house we are going to Crete via Kos and Rhodes. We hope to rent a house near Chania. Looking forward to the pork!

Hi, I'm Gozie, a master degree holder from the university of the cordilleras, Philippines.

Hello and Welcome on board @Gozie !

How can we help you ?



Thank you Bhavna. I will go through the link you recommended, "Living in Greece guide for expats". I want to live and work in Greece.



@Julien Hi, so I live mostly in UK, but have lived in a number of other countries, France 20 years, USA 5 years, plus others for shorter periods. I make decorative objects from what I find around me. My clientele is widespread. Naturally where I work from has a major influence on what I create. I love Corfu, and am in the process of buying a house. I am of pensionner status, which enables me to live without having to earn vast sums of extra money.

Hi I'm April niduaza from Philippines living in hongkong now can I find a job as a housekeeper,nanny ,baby sitter or housemaid I have 7 yrs of experience for working..thank you

@aprilbaticados2 Hello and welcome !

I am not sure you will be eligible for a work visa. Locals can perform these jobs. You can still create your CV in the Jobs in Greece section of the website for some exposure.



I have the slight feeling that my introductory post and one answer that it got, vanished. May i know why? I wouldn't say that I violated any rules with my questions. They are too specific anyway to be included in any ruleset. So some admin played god?

@Afytosforever hello,

Please verify first before making false accusations on the admins. I have checked your account, you have only 2 posts. The one above and this one :

Both are on the forum and I can't see any reply.



@Julien Hi good day. My name is Nicholas Karim and I'm interested in moving to Greece Antikythera through the programme where they would pay me to live there but I'm not sure of the process of applying to do so.

Hi My name is Mary and I am Greek.  I was born in the beautiful island of Lesvos. I lived for many years in Greece but now my children have all moved to the US and so I have followed them there.  I am looking to sell a flat that I have in the center Mytilene, which is the capital of the island, Is there any way to go about this on this forum?  Thank you. 


hello and welcome on board !

You can create an advert in the Housing in Greece section of the website to advertise your property. We will share your ad in our newsletter. Click on the orange post it here button and fill in the form with all necessary infos. You can also upload photos.

Your ad will then be reviewed by our team and will be online after approval.

All the best


Thanks so much Bhavna

@Julien. Are there any expat social meet ups in the Chania areas? Would like to talk to people who have experience living here. Thanks


Hello dannypanama,

Unfortunately, there are no meet-ups for the time being.

Feel free to post an advert in the Greece classifieds section to meet new people.


Cheryl team

Hi all,

I don't know if it counts as being an expat, but I work here in Athens as a volunteer until the end of October.

So, my name is Raf and I am 37. I am from Belgium, but I currently live in the northern part of Sweden. I want to leave there, and Athens is an option (currently the most realistic / affordable option).

I am an artist, and as such I play music, I write poetry, stories and music, I take photographs and paint, I do a bit of tailoring and sculpting. I try to do whatever I can to express myself.

The volunteer assignment that I'm doing is as a teacher.

At the moment I am looking at the possibility of moving from Sweden to Athens, how that would work on a logistical level and such.

While the city is so loud and busy (especially compared to the Swedish village that I live in), the historical elements are just awe-inspiring.

@WritingRaf hello and welcome on board !

Feel free to open your own topic on the Athens forum so that members may guide you.

You will also find useful information by reading the Living in Greece guide for expats.

All the best


Hi all,

Newbie here. I'm Mike and now residing on the wonderful island of Lesvos with my two better half's: my wife and my dog. This forum looks to be a pretty interesting place and i look forward to spending some time here. When i'm not swimming in the sea with Alf, the dog,  obviously.

@TsipouriMikeHello Mike,hope you are doing fine on Lesvos you three,have fun,snug on down for winter when it comes,we are all enjoying late summer time but Robins are singing away now so I guess winter is on its way.