New members of the Cyprus forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi,my name is Maureen, I have now lived in Cyprus for just over a year and love the place my question is I have the MRC1 yellow slip can someone please tell me how long it is valid for. Tyc


Hello All,

Sorry just created a new thread before I saw thread asking new members to Introduce themselves!

I hope everyone is well! my Partner and I and looking to move to North Cyprus with our our two boys (6 month old and 4 year old) early next year hopefully. We currently live in London but my partner has visited North Cyprus quite a lot as her mother was from there. We wanted to know the process of moving over and any potential hidden costs we may have overlooked. We were thinking about renting somewhere first ideally 3-4 bed villa with a pool or communal pool in the Kyrenia area so any sites or companies that deal with long term property leasing would be helpful.

Thank you


Hello everyone!

My husband and I have just arrived in Cyprus. Both are IT specialists. He will be working for his company, which is based in Cyprus, and he will be working here at the office. I'm going to work remotely from home alone. I don't have any local friends or contacts here, and I'd love to become a part of the local community.

Thank you, and all the very best.

@Rina Kova welcome

Hi all

My name is Lukas, I'm from Germany, have lived in Scotland for many years and currently live in Sweden.

I'm looking to relocate to Cyprus if I can make it work. I work as a software engineer.

@stupor-mundi Hello Lukas,

Welcome on board !

Feel free to go through the Living in Cyprus guide for expats for all first-hand infos.  Should you need advice from members, please open a new topic on the Cyprus forum so that they can guide you.

All the best


@Julien hi there, I'm a bit of a pseudo expat as I only stay overseas during the British winter. However, I have always tried to connect with expat groups in what ever country I find myself in. I am interested in most outdoor activities and would love to hook up with walking and kayaking groups in particular. I also try to volunteer with local charities. Last time I was in Paphos, 10 years ago, I helped out at an animal rescue book shop and assisted with kayak groups for children. Initially I'll be based in Paphos but hope to spend time in a number of areas either bnb'ing or exchanging work for accommodation if that's possible in Cyprus. I'm just over 60 years old am a former veterinary nurse and marine biologist. I now manage 20 acres of land with 12 tenants all doing amazing projects from emu breeding to cut flowers. Looking forward to meeting up with like minded folk, oh and I'm also happy just sitting around drinking the local brew. I arrive in Paphos on the 20th Sept.

@jillstraw Welcome on board !

Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.

I am sure you'll find like minded expats  and locals on the forum and hopefully in Phapos to share some activities with.

Feel free to have a look at the Paphos forum and interact with members.

All the best


hello Julien

My wife and I would like to settle in Cyprus in the near future.

I am a sports coach in France and I would like to know if it is easy to find work in this field and if possible to know the average rates offered.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.