New members of the South Korea forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi all,

Newbie on the South Korea forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in South Korea if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

thank you for creating this thread

Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum and I'm from South Korea))

Hello Vaneapetrov23,

Welcome on board !

If you need any info, feel free to ask.

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@Julien hii sir

Hello Raju,

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Since this thread is dedicated for the introduction of new members, I invite you to kindly introduce yourself and to tell us more about your expatriation project.


Yoginee team

@Julien Hello I am Uganda looking for fruit picking job in South Korea

@Julien I really need your assistance

@Bhavna Thank you Madam

hi everyone,

nice to meet you folks here. moving alone to SK mid-march on long term employment.

would love to connect with folks to learn more abt SK and find activity partners. just as importantly to pick up the language and other survival skills.

btw, not my first time abroad but first in SK.

Thanks for connecting.


Hello SathiaPM,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

Thank you for the introduction.

You can start by posting an advert in the South Korea classifieds section.

There is a dedicated category for activities / friendships.

If you have some specific topic that you would like to discuss with other members of this forum, feel free to start a new thread on the South Korea forum to ask your questions.


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@Julien Hi Julien, thank you for “looking out” for us… Respect! 🌻

Hi all, no “hard” plans yet. But who knows… For now I could use help translating a letter to Korean. It's a personal letter to “the highest floor” of the company. I'm “tumbling” towards a lawsuit in NL, with my direct (stubborn) colleague. I believe it's best to keep such away from a judge and not fight in public. This letter must be in perfect Korean and taking all rules in terms of respect and ways to correctly address and attract the necessary attention.

So, that in short… :-) Please? Anyone…?

Thank you in advance 🌷

BR, Jo

Hello JoSto67,

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You can get a free quote from our partners for a translation. … uth-korea/


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My name is Steve Baker

I'm a 67 year old retired British Cirizen.

I have met a lovely South Korean lady who I would love to marry in South Korea but hadn't a clue how to go about it.

Anyone out there who can advise me and how easy it is to stay when we'd

Thank you

Hey, everyone! I lived in the ROK for a cumulative half decade between 2008-2016, but I've been back in the US for approximately the same amount of time. I've recently felt this calling to return back to the peninsula either as an ESL teacher or some other job, preferably in a Christian work environment.

Hopefully someone has some insight into resume-writing for ESL positions overseas, the best TEFL online classes, and resources to sell entire households in one fell swoop. Thanks for any tips or suggestions!

Also, my name's supposed to say "Homesick for 한국", but it doesn't recognize 한글, apparently...

Hello @Homesick for 한국,

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Feel free to open your own topic on the South Korea forum so that members can guide you.

I will try to fix your username.

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Thanks so much, Bhavna!



i am from Syria but living in Germany for 7 years ; I am 23 years old

but im hier bec im searching for any part time job

or a job in Seoul

but for asking how can  by you for Termin  for job time

and how can I come to Seoul without Visium !?

can you help me with it

im looking forward for your replay

and thanks u

Best regards

shyam Shdnineh

Hello Shyam Shdnineh,

Welcome on board !

What do mean without visa ? You can not come to South Korea without the proper visa.

Please find more details about your visa options by reading the Visas for South Korea articles.

All the best


yh ; Yh I'm locking on it ; but I don't know if there would have a Visum ; I was just so asking ; i don't know how and when I can go overthrew

but I hope it will be in Juni

@Julien hi, im looking for a job in south korea. Im currently working in Qatar as a Cake Decorator/Baker/pastry Assistant.

I hope i can find a direct employer bound to south korea. Thank u

Can I ask

for wt do u excatuly want as

like a babysitter

or Personalassistent helper ;....

But I am Syrian but live in Germany

and if u really need a babysitter or helper für anything I'm with

but can u bring me to southkorea to work as a parttime 

Hello everyone,

Please note that if you are looking for a job, you need to create your CV in the Jobs in South Korea section.

@Shshu Shenineh, the member is not offering a job, he/she is himself/herself looking for a job.

all the best


G'day all round,

I'll be moving to Busan, Korea in the next few weeks to work as an ESL teacher.

Does anyone know where a good place to get a beer is once I arrive?

Any recommendations are helpful, and if I see you when I'm there, just come up to me and I'll be sure to buy you a beer and share some stories!


Ryan (Sydney, Australia).

Hello Ryan,

Welcome to!

For how long will you be in Korea?

I hope that other members will get in touch with you soon1f609.svg


Yoginee team

Hi Yoginee!

Cheers. I will be in Korea for up to 12 months at his stage, potentially longer if the KBBQ is as good as they say it is.


I want to work in South Korea how is it possible

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board !


What kind of job are you looking for ?

I would recommend that you read the following article : Finding work in South Korea

Have you created your CV in the Jobs in South Korea section ?

All the best


Am living in Uganda just that i have a passion for South Korea.

Wish meeting new people there and making business with them.

Thanks am called Patric.

It's a pleasure meeting you Trady IV (Patric). You'll love Korea, it's an amazing place! Contact me anytime! -Ben :-D

@Julien Hi. This is Lady Michele Guste and I have heard a lot of great stories of Filipinos working as farmer in South Korea and earnibg so much to sustain their families needs. Hope you can help me find the best agency or company to apply to.

Hi Michelleguste29,

Welcome to :)

For your job search, i would advise you to get in touch with a recruitment agency. Here is a list in the Business directory, it might help you :

-Recruitment Agencies in South Korea

I also invite you to post a job advert in the jobs in South Korea section, it might help you to get in touch with a potential employer.

Good luck,

Priscilla Team


Thank you ! 🙂

Hi, my name is Selena. I'm new to this forum. 1f642.svg

I keep on visiting South Korea for  2 reasons, travel, and work.

Hello Axelikesthis,

Welcome on board !

How can we help you ?



Good day! I'm new here and as my name says partofthatworld, I wanna be part of this South Korea community. I'm excited! 1f600.svg

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Expat.com1f601.svg

This message is for newbies, I suggest you start by telling us more about your plans.

Moreover, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help!


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Hi, this is George, I visited Soeul years ago and really like this country, recently there is an opportunity for me to move to this lovely country.  My work is specialized in reducing online fraud and credit card chargeback, so it's a good idea to say hello to folks in South Korea.

I would like to know what should I do if I want to continue my career as a Fintech guy if I moved to this country later. How to further develop my current profession?  any useful thought is welcome.


I'm Al Arca, and was an expat in Ulsan as a young boy in the 1965-67 time frame. Our family moved to Ulsan when my father went with a team from Swift and Co to start production in a fertilizer plant.

@Julien good post