Yeosu, South Korea

Hello! My husband and I have been living and teaching in Yeosu for the past 6 months. It isn't a city listed on here, but thought I would make a new topic! We are loving all that Yeosu has to offer from the gorgeous beaches, tons of hiking, local markets, and of course the people. Yeosu hosted the world expo in 2012 and is a growing port city. It is made up of about 300,000 people and has plentiful islands to explore\hike that are just a quick ferry ride away. If you are in yeosu or would like to visit give a shout out. We would love to meet you :)

Hi and welcome to Shepardelicia!

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Armand!!!!

Hi there! Are you guys still in Yeosu? I'm moving out in a few weeks and am keen to meet people and find out what the city has to offer!

Hows going and when coming to Yeosu?
Hit me back when you  land  here.

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