Soon to live in Daegu

I am from Texas, USA and will be moving to Daegu to teach English at the end of July.
I am looking forward to meeting other expats who are there. So feel free to message me.

Have a good one!

Hi Rayford, welcome on! :)

Shall I move your topic to the Korean forum to give you more visibility?


welcome on

Hi FeeAcer,

Sure! That'll be fine.

Thanks for the welcome :)

Daegu is a fun city.  It's not as big as Seoul but there is a lot to do around the area.  There are a lot of expats in town.  Enjoy your stay.

Hi Rayford, I am currently living in Daegu as a student.
Nice to know you
Welcome to Daegu :)

Hey how is everyone? Well I'm from NYC and I'm also moving to Daegu by the end of July to teach english for a year..any tidbits of advice to prepare me for whats to come?

Hello out there! I am also living in NYC and moving to Daegu in TWELVE days with my boyfriend. Do any of you know how many expats there actually are in Daegu?

There are quite a few expats in Daegu, Over 100 at least. I've been here since February and I think around 80 of us moved in at that time. In addition to the public school teachers there are private school teachers and the military, so you'll have plenty of company.

Check out my blog if you want to see more about life in Daegu, and feel free to message me if you have any specific questions:

Hi people, residents of Daegu, also looking for english speaking friends, I can speak only some Korean:(
I am from Uzbekistan, have family here, (2children)
We would like to get more family friends here to spend fun time together.
Pls feel free to message me:))

Hi,  rayford
I am living here in daegu since 2 years and half, and I like it so much, and I think you will too, so if you have a questions just ask and I will try to help you~~~
Your welcome here

Hello, I live in Dae gu. My english is getting better. But not enough. If you have a interessting about me, I want to meet with you. ^^

i'm korean live in daegu for30 yrs.

i want to be your friends

maybe i can help your daegu life ~ HaHa

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