Opening Bank Account difficulties

Hi all, we reached Cyprus (me, finance and her mom)  on Nov 4th and are currently living in airbnb accommodation in Coral Bay. We liked Coral Bay beach very much and put an offer for an apartment. While the offer is pending we are also looking for other apartments. Our pink slip - temporary residence permit appointment is on Dec 22nd. I am using Gwenny Red Tape services. 

I am trying to open a bank account .I contacted Bank of Cyprus and they told me that I need a utility bill to open a bank account. I asked them if I can use a rental lease agreement as I was planning to lease an apartment for 3 months . They said that with USA passport it would be difficult as the lease agreement needs to be signed by two witnesses and the owner needs to be contacted and my lease verified before they can use the lease contract as proof of residence. I am worried if I can find a short term lease, transfer the utilities on my name and get a utility bill in this short timeline. 

I called Astro bank customer service. They told me to email the customer service. I emailed them and and they told me to contact a branch office.  Hellenic bank has been radio silence after I filled their contact us form couple of times. Can anybody please help me on this or dm me contacts at their bank ?



Hello dvb123,

I am so sorry to hear about your situation right now.

Let's hope someone on this forum will shed some light on it soon.

Best of luck,



Thank you Cheryl ))

A small update ! I contact Melanie Osborne in Facebook and she replied with a contact in Hellenic bank. i contacted her and waiting for her to reply. Eurobank also emailed me back saying that they help high net worth individuals only. I asked them if they help me as I am transferring for buying apartment . I am waiting for their reply too.

Go to the bank direct .... Hellenic branch manager Marios on tomb of the king's we found very helpful [email protected]. ... Don't hang about

As for getting a bill in your name elec bills are sent out every two months and water bills every three months ... Maybe if you pay the deposit at the Aek electric board or municipality for water

that may suffice to get evidence of committment to lease . But if it's only two to three months it may not be worth it...

Witnesses should be present at the signing of the lease anyway as should the landlord and am sure they won't mind being contacted to verify authenticity unless of course they are trying to avoid exposure.... To taxation

You could take your lease to the municipality mukhtar or mayor or even a notary to verify authenticity...

if you go into Paphos and go up to the big Papantoniou so that would be on your left after the traffic lights. Just before the traffic lights on the right is a bicycle shop. If you go in there you can buy the stamps and he will certify it for you. I know it sounds crazy but that's where some folk get their documents verified.

His name is George Antoniades and he's a Certifying Officer. Tel. 26933301/mobile.... Certainly worth investigating if they are acceptable via that route

Why not approach the Airbnb owner and negotiate a lower rate for three months it's winter now and revenues will drop for sure.. or look for another Airbnb or VRBO  who can accommodate a three month lower rate rental ..

@Toon Thank you Toon. I will check these options.

Good luck ..

Another update : The contact given by Melanie Osborne at Hellenic Bank helped me with my application . Eurobank also took my application. I will keep the group updated which bank would finally open a bank account for me.

Bank of Cyprus and Alpha bank were stuck on Cyprus utility bill requirement and confirmed that lease agreement is not enough.

@Toon On a side note, can you please let me know if there are any weekly meets or monthly meets for this group members in Peyia ))

No meetings as most tend to move on but some do meet privately