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As a professional with a unique blend of expertise in both software development and mechanical engineering, I bring a diverse set of skills to the table. I am adept at designing, testing, and maintaining robust software programs while also being proficient in creating and analyzing mechanical systems and components. My technical proficiency spans across various programming languages and CAD software, underpinned by a solid educational background with a Bachelor's degree in a field that merges Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

My problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, and effective communication are the pillars that support my work in these interdisciplinary fields. I am capable of managing complex projects that require an integration of software and mechanical systems, thriving in environments that challenge me to innovate and collaborate across different domains. My role often involves balancing software algorithm development with the design and testing of mechanical systems, a testament to my versatility and capacity to adapt to dynamic project requirements. This unique combination of skills positions me ideally for roles that demand a deep understanding of both software and mechanical engineering principles.


Strong analytical skills, high communicative capabilities, team-work proficiency, self-motivation and selfeducation, deep interest to new technologies and frameworks.


Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering

Language(s) spoken

Russian (Mother tongue)

English (Advanced)

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