Sociologist working for refugees and civil rights

Posted 7 months ago
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I want to work in a Non-Governmental Organization that provides aid and support to refugees / immigrants in all spheres. Since my area of interest is LGBT rights, women's rights and disadvantaged groups I want to take part in works in these areas.


intercultural communication, team work, emergency response, working under pressure, working with traumatized people in war zone, empathy, respect to diverse cultures, communication with local stakeholders, support and empowerment, research and development, nonprofit organizations, international organizations, capacity building, project implementation, collaborative problem solving, field management, research design


Master of Art's Diploma in Sociology, Thesis on LGBT Movement in TurkeyMiddle East Technical University (the language of education is English)

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English (Fluent)

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Fixed-term contract, Temporary work, Freelance
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Full time
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USD 3000