Housing in California

Updated 2018-06-07 14:49

If you are moving to California, here is some information that should help you to find accommodation. Make your choice according to your budget.

If you are planning to move to California, you will need to search for housing. Initially, upon arrival, you can temporarily stay in a hotel. You can then begin to see the sections of classified ads in local newspapers and on websites.

If you want to buy a house or an apartment, you can hire a real estate agent who will take care of all the formalities.

How to proceed

Decide whether you prefer to buy a home, rent an apartment or go for flat sharing. You should know that the price of real estate is relatively high in California. Define the type of accommodation that suits you best according to your family and professional situations. Locate the area where you want to live and define the lifestyle you want.

Seek information about the different types of housing available in California. '1 ½' refers to a one bedroom apartment, '2 ½' refers to an apartment with a bedroom and living room while '4' refers to an apartment with a bedroom and a living room that can be divided into two parts.


Many types of housing in California are held by private companies at fairly high rates. Generally, leases have a period of one year up to two years. If you are a student in training and are looking to rent an apartment, you can choose to rent by day, but it would represent an important sum. Renting a two-bedroom apartment in some regions of California can cost around $2,000 per month.

Before signing a lease, make sure to visit the apartment or studio and make an inventory of all the goods therein. You can then negotiate the price of the lease with the landlord and make sure that all costs are included. You may be asked to pay a deposit equal to one month rental. Insist that the owner gives you a copy of the lease to avoid being expelled for no apparent reason.


You can also opt for flat sharing or sublet. If you choose flat share, you can live under the same roof of another tenant to share the costs and responsibilities of housing. If you want a sublease, you can rent a house to a tenant at a lower price. This applies in cases where the tenant's lease has not yet expired and that he has already found another home.

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