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If you dream of settling in Riyadh, you might be looking for a job there as well. Here are some tips to guide you in your job search.

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest cities in the region and is home to thousands of expats. Riyadh is the framework of Saudi Arabia; it is where the ruling family governs the country. All of the Government Ministries are centrally located there as well, as are the Foreign Embassies.

Riyadh offers endless opportunities for job seekers. Many people residing in Riyadh work amongst or alongside government officials. Highly employed sectors of foreigners can be found in the numerous medical facilities across the city, the number of education facilities, as well as the business sector.


Riyadh is a city of concentrated wealth; many of the most affluent Saudi nationals reside in the city. The city caters to them by offering dozens of shopping outlets, thousands of restaurants, and a number of high-end hotels. These sectors are predominately worked by foreign expats.

With dozens of state-funded and private education facilities, the education sector in Riyadh is always in high demand of foreign educators. English is becoming a standard in daily life, thus English educators are always welcomed.

Jobs in banking, finance, and trade can be found in Riyadh with most of the major finance firms based in the capital city.

Find a job in Riyadh

In general, the best and most efficient way to look for job vacancies in a region is online. Internet searches and region-specific job searches have yielded limitless numbers of jobs.


It is important to note that with new Saudization policies being put in place, jobs once open to foreigners have now been limited to Saudi nationals only.

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