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Dammam city is the calm and laidback capital city of the Eastern Province. It is a lovely place to settle and enjoy the equal balance of suburb and city life. If you decide to settle in Dammam, take a look at what you should know first.

Dammam is the capital city of the Eastern Province, which is made up of smaller cities that make up the Greater Dammam Area. Dammam is a beautiful city, less conservative than its neighbour Riyadh while still being a bustling metropolitan. Offering the best of both a quiet oasis and the perks of city living, Dammam is an expats’ dream home location.

Dammam is also where the petrochemical industry is located. The region has gone through major development with the early influx of expats that came with the boom of the oil industry. The impact of expats can be seen in the development of infrastructure, from the airports to the schools that are reminiscent of the West.

The cost of living in Dammam is considerably less than that of its neighbouring cities Al Khobar and Dhahran. This makes finding suitable accommodations that meet your budget easier. Many expats have chosen to take the quick commute to other cities to work while living in Dammam city.

Types of accommodation in Dammam

You’ll find in Dammam:

  • Compounds in the area are limited.
  • Older building units are common.
  • Renovated spaces are also very common.
  • There are Single Family Villas for rent.
  • Newer modern dwellings are limited.

Rent prices

Rental Market prices vary and fluctuate with the demand. Location and size are two factors that play a part in pricing.

  • Studio – (room with open kitchen, bathroom) 10,000 -15,000 SAR/per year
  • 1-Bedroom (kitchen, bedroom, washroom,) - 17, 000- 20,000 SAR/per year
  • 2-Bedroom (a living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom) – 20,000SAR-24, 000 SAR/month
  • 3-bedroom (a living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, washroom) – 24,000SAR-30, 000 SAR/month

*Prices can easily be negotiated to reducing rates based on the wear and tear of a unit. If flooring, windows, or wall paint need to be replaced in the older dwellings, it is common to deduct the price from your annual rent.

 Good to know:

Many Dammam inhabitants commute to work in the nearby cities of Dhahran and Sharqiyah. Keep in mind that traffic during peak hours can be daunting and very time-consuming.

Search for accommodation in Dammam

Unlike its neighbouring city of Dhahran, the search for affordable accommodation is much easier in Dammam. Dammam is less populated and dwellings tend to be older, while still well-maintained.

Searching on some of the popular rental property sites listed below can be helpful in looking for a rental unit in Dammam. In addition, asking co-workers and seasoned expats is a great way to refine your search for a suitable home.

A simple day out, with somebody familiar with the area can be fruitful; many vacancies are advertised on sides of buildings with phone numbers for inquiry. Keep in mind that almost all signage used is in Arabic, so having someone who knows the language would be advantageous.

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