things do to in Barcelona for free
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Barcelona is a beautiful city. However, perhaps you never knew that if you travel with a somewhat reduced budget, you will be able to enjoy it equally, and without spending a single euro. In this article, discover 20 things to do in Barcelona for free.

1. The entrance to the Sagrada Familia costs 18 euros, but a trick to be able to visit it for free is to go to the international Mass that they do every Sunday at 9 in the morning. Of course, well imagine is quite priced, and the capacity is limited, so it is best to get up early and get ahead (the doors open at 08.30). 

2. At the exit, after soaking up the wonders of the Sagrada Familia, you can walk along the Avenia Gaudí, a commercial street lined with our favourites of Barcelona, and reach the Hospital de San Pau. Entering is not free, but you can always admire it from the outside: it's a fascinating architectural work.

3. If you are one of those who always look for the best views of a city to take photographs, you should know that in Barcelona there are a few cool and free viewpoints. Some of them are the Carmel bunkers, the Tibidabo (from both you will have the sea in front and the city at your feet). You will also love the views from Montjuic.

4. Sign up for a Free tour, it's not really free (or it should not be) since, in the end, it's always good to leave a tip (the guides give it a lot, and they deserve it). But it's something that will show you a lot of things about Barcelona. Book the free tour of the historic centre and the modernist Barcelona tour.

5. An essential visit is that of the Cathedral of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter. Admission is free, and you're advised to approach your cloister, famous not only for being spectacular but because it has 13 exceptional tenants: geese. Cast? The legend tells that there is one for each martyrdom that Santa Eulalia had to suffer for not abandoning, in Roman times, her Christian faith.

6. Walking the Rambla is another of the things you can do in Barcelona for free. It is the most famous street in the city and, while it is super full of tourists, it is a must-visit. Start at Plaza Catalunya, stop to drink at the Canaletas fountain (they say that whoever drinks from its waters will return to Barcelona) and continue descending to the Columbus monument. Along the way, you will run into shops, mimes, street performers, flower stalls and a lot, a lot of atmospheres.

7. And do not forget to make a stop at the Mercado de la Boquería.

8. When you get to Barceloneta take the opportunity to explore this curious neighbourhood, which was once the home of fishermen who worked every day at sea. Over the years and due to its position, tourists have "taken over" it, but still retains part of its charm.

9. Passeig de Gracia is the most exclusive street in Barcelona, where the most expensive shops are concentrated. But walking along this avenue is free (missing more). In addition to shopping with your eyes, you can enjoy the facades of some of the most famous modernist buildings in Barcelona like Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.

10. If you are a geek of urban art, you have to go hunting for murals and graffiti in the neighbourhood of Gracia, the alternative neighbourhood of the city. It's the same thing you encounter with Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen of the Storm, the one that does not burn, chain breaker, mother of dragons, Khaleesi of the Dothraki, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar.

11. The Ciutadella Park is the green lung of the centre of Barcelona. We always recommend catching some food and improvising a picnic under one of its trees. Also, it crosses its ways, and it arrives until the impressive Monumental Waterfall, or to our favourite building of the park: the Castle of the Three Dragons.

12. Barcelona is a lively city, where there are always cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions, and best of all, many are usually free. 

13. Free plan at night? See the famous music, water and lights show of the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Watch the schedules well because they do not do it every day and they also change during the seasons.

14. One of the most interesting neighbourhoods of Barcelona and where we recommend getting lost is the Gothic Quarter. It has a few treasures that you can not miss, such as the Cathedral, the Carrer del Bisbe, the Plaza Real, the Call (the old Jewish quarter), the Plaza del Rey and the Plaza de San Felip Neri where you can still see the scars of the Civil War.

15. Another beautiful neighbourhood is the Raval, the most multicultural area of the city. 

16. If you coincide in Barcelona on the first Sunday of the month you are lucky: there are museums with free admission. Some examples are the MNAC, the Picasso Museum (which is also free on Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm), the Maritime Museum and the History of Catalonia, among others.

17. When you visit El Born, another neighbourhood where you can walk and walk, do not leave without visiting the Basilica of Santa María del Mar, which represents one of the best examples of Catalan Gothic, and a little above the Palau de la Música, with an impressive façade.

18. If you're travelling to Barcelona in August, do not miss the festivities of Gracia, when the streets of the neighbourhood are transformed into an immense decoration of creativity and fantasy. It is undoubtedly one of the favourite parties in Barcelona, along with San Jordi (April 23) and La Mercé (around September 21-14).

19. Barcelona has an enviable climate if you travel with the good weather you can not skip a dip in any of its beaches. The beaches of the city are artificial, but what's the difference? The beach of Barceloneta is one of the liveliest, but if you want something more "intimacy" (eye: you will not be alone either), go closer to the beaches of the north: the beach of Nova Icaria, the beach of Bogatell are central. You can get there after a nice walk along the promenade. And if you're a nudist, go to the beach of Nova Mar Bella.

20. Even if you are more of a walk than a swim, you should go down to the beach and walk along the promenade. The best route goes from the Mapfre Towers (in the Port Olimpic) to the Barceloneta. Walking with the sea by your side is always therapeutic. Not all the great cities of Europe have this luck.

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