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A monument should be made to the Associació de Patinadors de Barcelona. Every Tuesday they give classes to hundreds of people in the district of Poblenou to learn or improve their skater skills. On Friday nights, the party is even bigger. They drive routes through the city, which leave from the Centre de la Vila (to the Olympic Village). The difficulty is medium.


The oldest skater in Barcelona hits 90! In parallel, a group of partners promotes skating from Skate Barcelona. Among its offer of activities, also free, is the Roller Disco Party on Sundays, where they rehearse choreographies; the Infant Turtle Route one Saturday a month, aimed at the little ones, and periodic events with wheeled vehicles without a motor. You can also join the group of adults Bcn City Rollers or Bcn Roller Dance, who skate in Barceloneta. In the MACBA, in the Plaza de Los Àngels, in the Plaza de Los Països Catalans, in the Estación de Sants, and the Parque de las Tres Xemeneies, it is forbidden to skate. If you do, you can get a fine. However, there are still more skates and longboards, the attraction of the moment. It seems that they are not convinced to have to settle only with the areas authorised by the City Council. Some are the beaches of Barceloneta and Mar Bella, the Poblenou park and the gardens of Menéndez and Pelayo de Gràcia. In Barcelona Skate Spots you can consult a detailed map with all the skate points of the city and on the website of the Unió Catalana de Skateboard, a map with the skateparks of Catalonia.


The number of runners has multiplied infinitely. You already know that we like to discover everything, for you. That's why we have made a list of clubs of the city, which offer a lot in exchange for very little. Services for local runners are the main motivation of the company Run Bcn (Diputació, 274), among them, a club of running and triathlon enthusiasts. For only 5 euros a month you can be part of this community where you will meet people to go out to train and attend races, as well as access discounts and special prices in training plans, personal trainer sessions or massage. Like most clubs, it is open to runners of any level. If you want to run and practice languages, you can do it in the intercultural environment that is created, every Tuesday and Thursday, at the Barcelona Casual Runners, a group that was organised via Meetup that already exceeds 1,500 occasional runners. "Chatting is an integral part of our careers, but also sweating a lot!" can be read in its presentation. They are at 20:00 at the main entrance of the Ciutadella Park and run from 9 to 11 kilometres between 50 and 65 minutes. There are people of all levels and goals. So do not worry if, for whatever reason, you have to leave halfway. There is no type of pressure. With a more local atmosphere and without fixed periodicity, in Yes We Play you can join Runners Barcelona, which usually goes by the Diagonal or Carretera de les Aigües, or to Run for Barcelona, which they usually start in Maria Cristina.


The basketball court of Espanya Industrial Park has little to envy to the famous Venice Beach tracks. After 5 pm, smoke and you will have to stand in line. Much of the credit goes to the StreetBall Barcelona Sants, a non-profit association that promotes street basketball, social integration and cultural exchange. There are people from practically all of Europe and Latin America, Guineans, Cameroonians, Filipinos, Chinese, etc. There are quite a lot more boys than girls, it must be said. On weekends and in summer professionals are dropped. The level is good, but everyone is welcome. "The only rule is the attitude", explains Nelson A. Martínez, vice president of the entity. Whether you like basketball or not, we encourage you to go through the Espanya Industrial and enjoy spectacular mates and alley-oops. Other hot tracks are the Calle de la Marina, the Barceloneta park, the Poblenou park and the Clot park.


There are public volleyball networks on all the beaches, but this is where most players are concentrated and where you will even find free classes. Appearing on the beach and joining a group is going a little crazy. It is best to observe and ask. There are closed groups that will not admit you, but most will be happy to welcome you. This is the case of Espartanos, which in summer plays in the Mar Bella where it is wider. To know when they are left, make friends with your Facebook: Spartan Volley. In Meetup, you can also join groups like the Barcelona 2x2 Beach Volleyball. If it bothers you to swallow sand, you can play volleyball track in the Turó de la Peira park and the Pegaso park.


Take your helmet, harness, rope and cat's feet! This is all you need to get up walls, in addition to prudence. We discover the best places in Barcelona where you can do outdoor climbing, free and with no time limit. We can boast of having the most extensive public climbing wall in Europe in the middle of Montjuïc, hidden between the rugby field and the headquarters of the Federació Catalana de Gimnàstica. It is the Foixarda (road of Foixarda, s / n, Bus 13 from the Plaza de Espanya), a benchmark for urban climbers that we force you to step on some day, or some night, as it is illuminated. You can sate with the old cut tunnel to the circulation perfectly equipped with dams of all kinds and security anchors. And on the outside, you have natural rock and concrete roads. There are multiple difficulty levels. Although they do not have a municipal recognition, there are two other spaces where climbers are concentrated. On the one hand, the park block Güell, with three stone walls towards the end of the Turull promenade, ideal to start. On the other, the wall of the castle of Montjuïc.

If you want to combine climbing with the beach, you can make an excursion to the Maresme, where near the lighthouse of Calella there is a large wall waiting for you in the access tunnel of the cove de la Vinyeta with more than 20 tracks with safety elements in good condition. The reference is km 666 of the N-II in the direction of Barcelona.

Yoga and gymnastics

Being connected to the earth gives us more stability and strength, according to the Zen philosophy. So, what better way than practising yoga and oriental gymnastics with the soles of your feet touching the sand on the beach or the grass in the park.

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